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Clean Eating Baked Salmon Recipe

Posted Dec 19 2012 8:15pm

Happy Wednesday!

During all of the holiday hustle and bustle, I wanted to take the time to wish you all Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, and Merry Christmas! (You get the idea). :)



Moving on, this past week I made a dip that you can use with veggies, baked potatoes, chips/pretzels, etc.  Of course it is with our marinade, Bare Bones Marinade.  The kids loved it.  I love the versatility of our marinade, and that I can make so many different food items with it.  If you’re interested in purchasing it, or reading the story behind the marinade, you can visit the website here .



I then added some dip to my baked potato and it was yummy!  I hate that to make a potato taste good you have to load it with butter, and/or cheese.  Potatoes are so bland. Not my potatoes, never again!


Sophia and I made cut-out chocolate chip cookies this past weekend.  She had so much fun. (I had fun, too.) I love spending time with the kids.  We’ve gotten into the habit of playing board games or cards with them almost every night.  It’s the little things that make family time fun.



I instructed Sophia in how important flour is… ;)


and the result was chocolate chip cut-outs.



Along with the baked potato I showed you earlier there was roast chicken and brussel sprouts.  I’ve been all about easy meals lately, with the holidays approaching.



As you all probably know, one of my favorite vegetables is brussel sprouts.  My second favorite is broccoli.  I cook a lot of each. :)

Brussel sprouts and broccoli can be steamed (like in the picture above) or roasted:



They’re not pretty, but they tasted really great.

Today since I was home for lunch I decided to bake up some salmon.  Salmon is surprisingly easy to bake in the oven.

Clean Eating Baked Salmon in Bare Bones Marinade

Preheat oven to 375*.

Make a foil pouch completely encasing the salmon inside.

Place on a cookie sheet, and bake on the center rack in your oven.

Bake between 12-20 minutes depending on how thick of a cut the salmon is.  Mine was thin, so I opted for 13 minutes.



I love salmon (especially smoked salmon!) but salmon done this way was absolutely mouth-watering.

Are you all prepared for the holidays?  What do you have left to do?


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