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Claim your Yes’s and Greet Your No’s!

Posted Nov 04 2013 9:25am

Reality check: When you step forward to claim a big YES, all of my your NO’S will come up to greet you. (Thanks to Alan Cohen for that one)

I think, sometimes, when we come to really own our spiritual path, we are blindsided by modern day society’s idea of love. We’re also blindsided by the allure of spirituality. We think that inner peace is just an instant away. We think that if we read that newsletter, listen to that seminar, or watch that vlog, we can read ourselves into being spiritually healed, listen ourselves into being spiritually healed, or watch ourselves into being spiritually healed.

We think that claiming the life that we want to live, a life that is in alignment with our inner soul sister, is going to be exciting and incredible – and it totally is – but it’s also really freakin’ hard. When you step forward to claim a big YES, all of your old NO’S will come back to greet you. When you step forward to be a student of life, all of the perfect assignments – people, relationships, situations – that need to bring up your shit will be given to you. Not so that you can be miserable. But so that you can heal. Whether you choose to listen and complete the assignment or ignore the assignment is up to you, because you have been given the gift of free will.

Ignoring your NO’s is called a spiritual bypass. That way doesn’t work. It keeps you stuck and it keeps you playing small.

Owning your YES’S and claiming your NO’S really helps you to grow, evolve, and emerge as the real you. So, yeah, the beginning is not easy…because you start to realize that a lot of the stuff you used to do isn’t working anymore and it isn’t serving you at all. In many cases, the people you were hanging out with and the way you behaved around people are the exact opposite of who you truly are. So, there is a letting go process. But know that as you let go of the old, you make room for the new. Trust that when things seem to be going wrong they’re usually going right – you just haven’t realized it yet.

Stay true to your true self and, as always…

Stay lovely,

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