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Citrus Salad with Feta

Posted Mar 03 2013 4:21pm

The sun doesn’t peek out from behind the grey very often during a Midwest winter. Though the winter season varies in length between, say, Missouri and Michigan (four months or so in the former, a never ending six months in the latter), the grey subsists across the sky. Cabin fever is a real thing (something I wrote about when I first started this blog) and at this point, the beginning of March, most everyone is bursting at the seams to feel the rejuvenating power of the sun.

That hasn’t happened yet, so we’ll have to settle (in the best way possible) for the comfort of a glowing red, pink, and orange citrus salad.


This is a simple salad, meant for those snow-covered days when you can’t stand to step foot in the cold yet need to feel that breath of fresh air, that glimpse of light amongst all that grey. No real recipe, really – sweet and juicy combined with salty, crunchy, and tangy.


You can easily create these beautiful sun-drenched rings of blood orange (or navel, for that matter) by slicing before you peel. In thin rings, the rind will easily separate itself from the flesh and you’re left with rings that resemble – what else? – the sun. Do the same with pink grapefruit to counter some sour in the face of all that sweet.

Add a salty, tangy cheese like feta (pictured here) or goat, the bite of red onion, the crunch of almonds or pine nuts, and just because they match the décor, pomegranate arils. Have some clementines lying around? Let them join their citrus brethren.


No dressing needed – you’ll have a winter’s worth of fruit juice in one bowl to quench your thirst.

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