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Circuit Workout DVD Recommendations for those who workout at home

Posted Sep 01 2010 1:50pm

This post is for all my home circuit workout babies out there!

This list was requested by a few of my teammates over on the 30 Day Shred / Shred-It team over at  I have put together a recommendations list of all of the circuit workout DVDs I own and perform because they work (helps to burn fat, build muscle definition) AND I love circuit workouts over any type of workout out there (I still do other types though).  These are just my recommendations for those of you who workout at home.

What is a circuit workout? Circuit workouts (my own definition from almost 2 years of experience with performing them) are workouts that incorporate both strength exercises and cardio moves (to keep the heart rate up to aid in continuous calorie burn.  Most circuit workouts call for low weight (15lbs or less) and high repetitions (15+) in the strength portions of the workouts.  This type of workout decreases body fat while toning the muscles at the same time, builds muscle endurance (trains your muscles to work for long periods of time) and increases cardiovascular and respiratory health (trains you to keep physically moving for long periods of time without stopping out of breath).  Some circuit workouts out there increases agility levels as well (plyometrics) and a lot of them do incorporate some forms of plyo in them which is a plus.  Circuit workouts will not bulk you up (build large amounts of muscle mass) or make you look masculine (if you’re a femal) - it does the opposite.  Circuits creates a very lovely physique (muscle tone, shapes, lifts, defines, etc.) where you earn curves or where your “real curves” shines through.  An example of a circuit workout is the very well known - 30 DAY SHRED - of course (still my favorite).

Just to make note, not all workouts will fit with the person working out to them so it’s wise to view all workouts well by watching the previews and reading full descriptions before you purchase any of them.  I personally love all of my workouts (circuits and all - except for one that I reviewed on here just recently) and they were all carefully chosen to be added into my fitness DVD collection.  I should have rated them by level in the spreadsheet, but the levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) can be found on any one of the two websites I mention in the notes part of the spreadsheet.


Click here to download the spreadsheet (.xlsx) - circuitrecs-2010-sept-1a…

…and I hope this helps out anyone who wants to perform circuits or who currently incorporates circuit workouts into their routines to reach their fitness goals.

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