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Cinnamon Raisin Roons

Posted Jun 28 2010 11:13am

Hi friends! Happy Monday!!!

This is going to be a short work-week for me, thanks to the 4th of July holiday coming up this weekend, so I’m hoping time flies by this week! We’re flying to Colorado on Friday, to camp and spend time with two of our best friends from Kansas. I can’t wait!!!! :D

Do you guys have any fun plans for the holiday weekend coming up? This will be the first time my husband and I have gone on a vacation for July 4th– but we decided it was necessary to get out of LA for a while! We miss our friends in Kansas, and for some reason July 4th just isn’t as much fun in LA… Plus, this weekend will be our 5-year dating anniversary, so we thought it would be nice to do something special!

To recap a bit from yesterday:

After the awesome Banksy movie , I was feeling a little hungry for lunch… but didn’t feel like putting too much effort into it. Juice sounded like an easy solution, especially since I didn’t have any for breakfast!

The usual combo:

Romaine lettuce, Kale, 1/2 apple, 1/2 lemon, 1/2 beet = BLOOD RED JUICE!!!

Looks like a drink fit for Edward Cullen. :D

Or, perhaps for Eric Northman (from True Blood)

[ source ]

Yep, I think I’m on Team Eric!! ;)

The juice didn’t keep me satisfied for long, so I snack on some un-pictured pineapple before heading over to our in-laws’ apartment to visit our niece. She is the sweetest little baby, and I love spending time with her!!

After a few hours over there, we headed to Whole Foods to get some macaroon ingredients– I was having the BIGGEST cravings for Oatmeal Raisin cookies, but was hoping to satisfy that craving with a RAW version. I had another mint-chocolate green monster to cover my obligatory serving of greens for dinner, then got to work on my cinnamon-raisin macaroons!

The best thing about making RAW treats, is you can taste the batter while you’re making it without worrying about getting salmonella poisoning! I played around with the seasoning ratios, until the flavor was “just right,” then scooped the batter into little balls onto a baking sheet:

And let them un-bake away in my oven– which I set to the lowest setting, then turned on and off intermittently throughout the night:

And since I couldn’t WAIT to eat my creation, I saved a little bit of the batter, formed a cookie-shape, and placed it in my freezer to set. About 30-minutes later, it was solid enough to enjoy:

Holy yum. Who needs traditional Oatmeal Raisin cookies?

And since my kitchen still smelled like Oatmeal Raisin cookies this morning, all I wanted was a bowl of piping hot oatmeal for breakfast! (the chilly weather this morning didn’t help, either) I’ve really enjoyed not having that “weighed down” feeling in the morning by keeping my breakfasts lighter, so I decided to try an easier-to-digest grain for breakfast: Millet.

I combined 1/2 cup millet + 1 1/2 cups of water, and let it simmer on the stove for 20 minutes. (this is a great time to get in a quick rebounding workout– that’s what I did!)

Before I knew it, my millet porridge was hot and ready:

Topped with a drizzle of pure maple syrup, a splash of almond milk, and a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. Millet definitely has a different texture and taste than traditional oatmeal, but I felt totally satisfied after this meal, and my stomach doesn’t feel weighed-down at all! I think it also helps that I kept the toppings simple– nuts or dried fruit would have been fun, but that would be a poor food combination… (starches and nuts/dried fruit don’t mix!) and I’ve really enjoyed properly combining my food lately. My stomach’s never been happier!

I’ve got lots of work to do today, so I’m off for now! Hope you’re all having a great day so far! :D

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