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Christmas Post #3: The Third Christmas

Posted Dec 29 2009 12:00am

I’ve said this before, but maybe you guys need a refresher:  My life is like the movie Four Christmases.  My parents are divorced and my in-laws are divorced.  Yes I am Reese Witherspoon and Brad is Vince Vaughn.  So here is Christmas number 3 with my dad.

I felt pretty tired and crappy on Sunday after a week of no exercise.  Brad was forced out into the cool winter air for a run through Stoney Creek.

It was quite cold that’s why we were wearing hoods.  After getting lost many times we made it back to my dad’s.  He was shocked to hear we got so lost.  I logged on to to see how far we’d gone and it was 4.8km.  Pretty impressive!

We took some other pics on the run.  Here’s mine:

Here is Brad’s:

Then it was time for the madness to begin, starting with the arrival of this guy.  (Well he arrived from the oven at least)

And then the rest of the family which ended up at a head count of TWENTY SEVEN.

Of course there was tonnes of food.

And now – the most foolish of all of the Shuker traditions – the cow.  Opened this year by my Uncle Dave.

This tradition is hilariously funny if you’re in our family and probably quite weird if you’re not – ask Brad.  I’m sure it took him years to understand it – all he knows is that he does NOT want the cow.

So I’m 3/4 done Christmas.  The last one will be on January 1st with my mom, and it’s also her birthday.  Now I’m back to work for more January and 2010 planning.  I’m so excited that my new year has started at work, I keep having to remind myself that I can’t fit my whole year’s worth of goals into one month.  I should probably remind myself that of my personal goals for the year too.

Do you guys have any really weird – only your family would understand – traditions?

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