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Christmas Day 2012

Posted Dec 30 2012 12:54pm

Hello there!

I’m back with my last holiday recap on this chilly/windy morning.

If you missed the first two, check them out here!

I just love the holidays <3

Unfortunately, I had to work on Christmas morning :( When I got my schedule a few weeks back, my heart just about fell out of my body. I look forward to holiday mornings – it’s an excuse for a leisurely, delicious home cooked breakfast with the family. We decided to do it Christmas Eve morning which was nice, but just not the same!

I went in to work around 6am (earlier than I was supposed to) and immediately started my work. I was able to finish up in record time and was out by 11am. When I got home, I changed back into PJs, made myself a cup of coffee, and lounged on the couch by our stockings to watch The Santa Clause movie marathon (totally forgot how awesome of a movie it is!).



I ended up falling asleep for about an hour (not on purpose!) and woke up to the start of the second movie. I decided to help out Mom with Christmas prep since the family would be arriving shortly.

IMG_0170 IMG_0171 IMG_0174

Once the family arrived, we munched on some appis and decided to do presents before we sat down for dinner. We do a pollyanna with everyone and a few of us individually exchange gifts as well.

A big family = lots of gifts to distribute = one packed room!

IMG_0111 IMG_0112
IMG_0120 IMG_0121


We all took turns opening our presents – it’s wonderful to see all the excited expressions on everyone’s faces. It feels good to know we are all appreciative of the thought people put towards each of us.

IMG_0133 IMG_0136 IMG_0139 IMG_0140 IMG_0144 IMG_0149


Then came, what I think are, the BEST presents.




My cousin Amy and I have been exchanging gifts since I can remember. This year, she really outdid herself. She made me a cookbook binder where I can compile all my recipes, and one day she wants me to publish it! I couldn’t believe it. She got the blog’s name and my name engraved on it. Now I don’t have an excuse to not write down any of my recipes. It came equipped with paper already hole punched! I seriously cannot wait to use this :) Another excuse to continue my recipe creations!!


This was such a great idea chic! I absolutely love it! (She only could do so many characters for the engraving so that’s why “love” is spelled different – however, I actually like the different spelling so they’re may be a change coming soon ;) )

After dinner and some extremely delicious desserts, Kel, Brit, and I opened our presents from the parents.


We each got massage gift certificates together for one last girls day before Kel’s wedding!! I also got some new running socks, running shoes (the brightest ones out there ;) ), sports bra, and something to kick off one of my new years resolutions (details in a later post) amongst other awesome things.



Cannot wait to start ballroom dancing!!

Here I come Dancing with the Stars! Just kidding .. well kinda ;)

It was a great to be able to spend this wonderful day with my family. Aside from all the thoughtful presents, spending the time with loved ones is really the best part of Christmas <3

I’m so thankful for my family and friends. This sure has been a great holiday season :)

Question: How did you spend your Christmas? Get anything good?

~ L


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