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Christmas 2009 - A short recap

Posted Dec 30 2009 9:42pm
What a busy, whirlwind few days this Christmas has been! Don't get me wrong, I love it, but holy smokes I am kind of glad things are winding down for a bit. This Christmas was very different from previous years - exciting for some reasons, and quiet for others. Here is a very quick recap of our 2009 holiday:

Dec 25 - First Christmas at home and with Marcus. In the nearly 10 years that my husband and I have been together, this was the very first Christmas we have ever spent together in our own home. In the past, we have always stayed with his parents or mine but this year we got the change to do things as a family. And it was fantastic. A treat to be at home for a change and so wonderful having Marcus around too. He looked pretty pleased with himself on Christmas morning...

And of course had to taste some of his gifts...

Dec 25 - Christmas Dinner #1. Christmas night we went to my sister's house for gifts and Christmas dinner #1 with her family and my mom and dad. We had a great time exchanging our gifts and watching the kids get excited over everything. Here we are taking a break from the festivities...

Dec 26 - Boxing Day shopping! The tradition has always been for my girlfriend and I to shop on Boxing Day, but since getting married I have usually been with Mike's family or up at the cabin on Boxing Day so the tradition has been on hiatus. Being in town this year however, allowed us to ressurect the plans! We were shocked at how quiet the stores were though, but nevertheless I filled up on 50% off goodies like wrapping paper, gift tags and bags. I love me a deal!

Dec 27 - Off to the island for Christmas #2. On the 27th we boarded the ferry to the island to visit Mike's family and do Christmas #2. They decided to wait everything until we got there (much to his brother's dismay!) so the whole family got up on the 28th and had a belated Christmas morning. Marcus got spoiled all over again and even managed to skip out on his bedtime in order to hang out with the boys...

Dec 30th - Home sweet home! And now here we are back at home and it feels great. After a busy few days travelling Marcus was a bit out of sorts tonight but has finally fallen asleep and I'm just enjoying a glass of wine before I hit the sack and chip away at my next book club book.

What's up for tomorrow you ask? Let me tell you:
  • We're getting started on laying the flooring in our basement! Yahoo!
  • Gotta make some appetizers for our extremely quiet on purpose New Years Eve at our house with a couple friends
  • Suppose I should make a few goals or resolutions for the new year. Seems kind of hard to do this year when to be honest I am perfectly happy with everything - family, friends, life in general. Feels good.
  • Contemplating taking the plunge and signing up for the LTR clinic that starts next week. As itching to go as I am, I'm almost a bit scared to sign up! Yikes!
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