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Choosing To Not Create Battles

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:04pm

flower in snow

Many people get caught up in duality and the belief that life is a battle between light and dark, good and bad, ego and spirit. What if I were to say to you that the battles of duality are simply something that we conjure up and that it is not necessary to be in a battle between dualities?  If you were to cease battling against your ego, cease to battle between losing weight and having the food that you crave, cease battling for the power position in a relationship, how would that change your life? How much stress would be removed if you did not view yourself being in some sort of cosmic battle all the time?

I can assure you that you would be amazed at the peace you would find when you realize and accept that the battles that we fight are a creation of our making. Consider the battles that you engage in presently, may be you are battling your weight, maybe you are battling depression, cancer, your significant other or maybe you feel that you are a pawn in the battle between heaven and hell.

Battle is conflict, in conflict we incur stress, and we incur physical, emotional and spiritual injury. We have moments when we feel we are winning or have won a battle which are often followed by long periods of times where we feel like we are losing the battle and times where we simply feel like giving up and succumbing to that which we feel is the enemy. When we do give in or give up we then go through bouts of guilt and depression, we may even label ourselves as weak unworthy or as a loser. We may feel as though we become a prisoner of war in that we cannot find a way to escape the side of duality which we believe is the enemy.

Even when we feel that we have won a battle we don’t feel satisfied for very long. Like a mercenary we often become addicted to the stress and stench of battle and we crave to engage in yet another battle, even though we intrinsically know that to battle is to cause harm to ourselves in the long run..

How then do we remove this battle of dualities from our day to day life? First is to accept that the battles in which we are engaging in are the creation of our minds. Second is to understand that everything serves a purpose even that which we deem to be the negative. If you take a moment to reflect on your life you will without doubt recall moments in time when you did not understand why such a bad thing happened to you, be it a health problem, be it losing a job, ending a relationship, having financial hardship, etc and now after time has passed you can now connect the dots and see that which you perceived as negative and unacceptable was necessary at that time to open a gate in your future life.

It is difficult when we are in the midst of that which we deem a negative experience to accept that it is happening for a reason not yet visible to us, yet it almost always is. Matter of fact we may never know the reason in this life time, the reason may not be revealed until the next leg of our journey that lies beyond this physical form.

When we value that which we perceive as the dualities of life we close the doors to many possibilities and we impede our own journey. Life does not have to be a battle. When we accept that all things happen for a reason we then do not engage in a battle of what is. We accept, we listen, we watch and we learn.

We cannot be living a life of unconditional love and at the same time be in battle. It is when we try to do both that we find ourselves on a self destructive path. The path is lined with misery, guilt, depression, etc.

You can choose today to lay down the weapons of the battles that you are engaging in and approach everything instead with love and trust that the love that is your authentic being will rise to surface.

Reflect upon the image of the flower growing through the snow, the flower does not battle with the snow; the flower exists in part because of the snow, not despite the snow. The flower is fed by the water that the snow will slowly feed into the ground. There is no battle between the flower and the snow, they both simply are and the flower chooses to grow beyond the frosty snow and bask in the warmth of the sun; light reach towards light!

May you find a way to dismiss your battles and allow the light which is you to radiate, brighten the universe, provide warmth and wisdom for when you do, you will attract more light onto your life thus creating a powerful cycle which has no need or room for battles.

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