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Choosing the Best Adapter & Battery for HP Pavilion DV1000

Posted Apr 10 2013 2:38am

Your HP Pavilion DV1000 battery will always have a limited lifespan after which its efficiency drops. This is the time when you need to purchase a good replacement battery in order to continue enjoying using your HP laptop without necessarily connecting it to an external power source. There are many replacement laptop batteries in the market today and a good guide is needed in order to choose the best value for your money. The portability of your laptop and its reliability will be enhanced if you get a long battery life. What to look for When Purchasing a battery for HP Pavilion DV1000: Size: - Although batteries are properly labeled using unique model numbers, there may be slight differences in the dimensions of two pieces from different manufacturers. Some counterfeit replacement batteries may for instance differ in dimension and you have to force them in order to fit. Smaller batteries may on the other hand offer less contact with the laptop and will disconnect every time you shake the laptop. This will lead to unwanted loss of data and mechanical faults in some cases. A good battery should fit your laptop perfectly for maximum performance.

The reputation of the Brand: - You need to have some surety about the quality of the HP laptop battery for Pavilion DV1000. An original battery from an HP stockiest will have a guarantee for quality. You will also be able to enjoy a warranty in case the battery fails to work as specified. However, such a battery may have a high cost while there are other cheaper options that may offer almost the same performance. Reading user reviews about the particular brand will help you in making a well-informed choice.

Some generic replacement batteries and adapters may not have a brand name. Many customers will not trust such products although they are often offered at a lower price. It would however be reasonable to test the performance of such batteries as some of them work fine. An unbranded HP Pavilion DV1000 adapter is therefore a cheaper alternative if you go after saving on cost rather than the guarantee for quality.

Power Capacity: - The capacity specifications of the HP Pavilion DV1000 battery will help you in estimating how long the battery will last when fully charged. This is often specified in milliampere hour (mAh). Most modern laptop batteries range from 5400mAh onwards. The greater the capacity the better due to the fact that the battery can store more power. The specifications on the replacement HP Pavilion DV1000 adapter should also match the power requirements of your laptop to avoid causing electrical damage to the motherboard.

Warranty: - Most retailers of original products will offer a 1-year warranty on every HP Pavilion DV1000 adapter and battery. This protects the customer from losses that could arise as a result of manufacturing faults. You will therefore be given a replacement battery in case the one you had purchased experiences problems within the warranty period.

The cost of an HP Pavilion DV1000 adapter does not necessarily guarantee quality. You should therefore put more emphasis on the past experience with the particular brand or read what other users and experts suggest.

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