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choose your life consciously: here’s what I’ve manifested since calling California my home

Posted Nov 09 2013 10:31am


Take a good hard look at the people whom you surround your being with. How do they serve you? How do they mirror you?

Remember: we are merely a compilation of all of the people in our lives. What is in those in your life is in yourself as well.

When we come to know this life truth, we consciously select those who will help us activate our true potential in life.

We consciously choose the people in our lives, so that we may manifest a BRIGHT, love-filled future for ourselves…and ultimately the planet.

I consciously manifest beings of true magnificent, wonder, creativity, joy, acceptance, and love. And that is what I receive. And then that magnificence gets reflected back to you.

I made a conscious decision to say no at times. To certain people whom I just did not jive with…. So that I could choose. My friends. My lovers. My life.

Here’s what I’ve manifested since being in gorgeous, gorgeous Berkeley California.

Nothing but love-filled people, places to express my creativity, places to move my body, and situations that make me HIGH. High on love. Now, that’s the real kind!


An herb store I found right around the corner from me! They have everything I could ever need…


Gorgeous forested hiking areas and a fellow Bear-tribe member! Singing songs and loving up what is.


People and places that align with SUNGAZING. Yes- activation!


Conscious road-trips to hot springs.


A place where people remember the sacred.


Warm weather and gratitude!


Having my sister only two hours away!


A place to MOVE my body. Ecstatic Dance, you have stolen my heart. But then, you gave it back to me.


Choose the people places and situations that help you step into your highest truth.


Saying no to certain people and places that don’t jive with you is tricky. I had a hard time doing it in the past. But until I embraced that this is what would bring me more of the people whom mirror myself, I made a choice to do it. What a choice it’s been!

You create your own life.


I want to hear from you…

Do you surround yourself with positive, uplifting, soul-filled, people?

Let me know in the comments below…



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