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Posted Mar 23 2012 2:07pm
Sometimes life just doesn't work out the way you had planned. Remember how excited I was for the Hunger Games premiere? I bought our midnight showing tickets the day they went on sale, and had spent hours daydreaming about what my costume would be. I had settled on being a citizen from the Capitol, complete with purple wig.

Well then Kentucky made it to the Sweet Sixteen. And my friends got tickets to go cheer them on in Atlanta (Go Cats!). And our other friend got accepted to Vandy's Chemistry PhD program, and came to town to visit.

So suddenly, Claire and I had a tough choice to make - go through with our plans to see the Hunger Games at midnight (and if you read Claire's blog , you know that she was possibly even more excited than me to see it), or ditch our plans and show our friends a good Nashville time on their only night in town?

As much as we love the Hunger Games, we love these boys more. And we don't see them nearly often enough. So they won out.

Excuse the blurry photo, and our awkward stances - I swear, we actually do like each other!!

 So instead of standing in line with hundreds of crazy Hunger Games fans at midnight, we joined another crazy crowd of hundreds - on Broadway. We needed to show these guys a real Nashville night on the town! And it was awesome. Seriously, some friends are the kind of friends that you pick right back up wherever you left off. I'm lucky to have that with the CCUM crew!
We lost track of our total count for the night - five places? Six places? Seven maybe? All I know is that we crisscrossed all over Broadway, and ended up in Printer's Alley eating hot dogs. Mark of a good night right there!
Totally made the right choice. That will be a night we talk about for a long time, and with this crowd we love to beat a dead horse retell a good story! Now Reese and Tyler are off to Atlanta, Nick is off to woo/be wooed by the chemistry professors, and I'm off to recover babysit. Seriously - four hours of sleep? I don't know how we did this multiple nights a week in college! Craziness. Clearly I have become an old lady.
Have a marvelous Friday, and don't forget to root for the Cats tonight!! C-A-T-S Cats Cats Cats!
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