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Chocolates – Benefits of Eating In Moderation

Posted Oct 05 2010 12:02pm

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There are many who like chocolates. From hot chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate brownies, and the list goes on forever. But how knowledgeable are we when it comes to the effects of chocolates especially for our health?

Let’s talk about the positive effects or the pros of eating these sweets. According to research, chocolates contain large quantities of antioxidants. These antioxidants help neutralize harmful chemical reactions that occur while metabolic processes take place in our system. Chocolates are also said to benefit the circulatory system by promoting excellent blood flow. Some people have even said they noticed a moderate drop in their blood pressure when eating dark chocolate daily.

Eating chocolate helps to make you feel excellent. It increases brain levels of several chemicals, including mood-altering chemicals, phenylethylalanine and anandamide, which produce a mild, confidence-boosting effect. It also has a chemical that lifts a person’s mood and theobromine, a stimulant that energizes you. It is also an anti- substance, a brain stimulator, and its prevents cough and diarrhea. There are many reports that have confirmed the aphrodisiac effect of chocolates. There were even some claims that eating these tasty candies can help slow down the decline of brain functions as we grow older.

On the other hand, eating too much chocolate causes a person to become overweight or obese. Because of these many people avoid eating too much of it especially women. Stout and sugar and other factory-added substances, can have an addictive effect. Tooth decay is another huge problem people have when eating the candy, especially for kids and for those who have poor oral hygiene. The fermentable sugar present in chocolate has the potential to trigger tooth decay. But the antioxidants may help to offset the acid-producing potential to a certain extent, while the calcium, phosphate and other minerals present, especially in milk chocolate, may also reduce the harmful effects on teeth.

Eating chocolate as part of a balanced diet can certainly benefit us but it would it is healthier to consume this candy in appropriate quantities or amounts. Savor the bitter sweet chocolate in your mouth and let it melt and fill your taste buds with its tempting flavors and textures. The negative effects of chocolates are really within your control. Just eat enough and you’ll have a healthy chocolate-sweetened life!

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