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Chocolate Peppermint Green Smoothie & Ink Talk.

Posted Apr 24 2011 3:32am

Morning loves.

I was very fortunate to get my power back on this Friday morning! I needed some more ‘off’ time though and haven’t spend much time by myself, in the house, after the boy left. Things got a little complicated and rough between us last minute which left me very frustrated and hurt very unexpectedly. It’s gonna take a while for me to feel better but in the meantime I’m doing ok-ish :). Focusing on the positive definitely helps.

In lieu of this new phase in life, being single for the first time in 6 years, I decided I needed some transtional markers. Read: I got myself a new hairdo, a new wardrobe (or, close to) and a new tattoo wil follow suit. Once I got it I will show it, I am sure you will love it!

Can you spot the new hairdo?

New… everything!

I hadn’t shopped in close to a year (not even kidding) so I figured I had a legit reason to go bonkers with my debit card ;).

I’ve gotten into this little habit of getting a tattoo when major live changes occur. I like having tattoos on my body that represent my past, my story, like a map. I ran into this quote I gave my mom a long time ago which I’d forgotten all about:

“Tattoos are a life map. Durability takes courage. So many things in life are not permanent. Nothing is forever”

I couldn’t agree more. I have no trouble whatsoever getting something ‘permanent’ on my body. Nothing is permament, everything ends. A body, in the end, is just that, a vehicle to get you through life. And although I do think we should treat it with great respect, I only think this is appropriate because our souls and minds cannot thrive in an unhealthy body. But as far as aesthetics go, it’s just a body! You only have it one lifetime, have fun with it! You can’t cling onto it forever anyway. To me, lots of things are relative and I try to see everything in perspective, not take things too seriously. That’s why for me it’s really easy to get a tattoo.

Plus, Ryan Philippe is majorly hot, so he’s gotta be right, right?

This one I got a few days before I went to the clinic, December 2008. The more I researched, the more I found out swallows mean different things to different people, and I actually liked all their different symbolisms. For one, swallows are a symbol of spiritual freedom. But, in sailor circles, swallows stand for a safe return home, as swallows never travel too far from land. This was an especially comforting thought for me right before going into treatment: a safe return home. For me and my mom the tattoo even has a third meaning, since we got it together. She has a smaller one though; one big swallow and two small ones, representing our family: my mom, me & my brother. FYI: once he’s 18 we’re going to force him to get the same tattoo ;).

People make pictures of it all the time, including random strangers haha

This tattoo I got soon upon leaving the clinic. The quote comes from an old Jewish folktale and has always intrigued me, and helped me through difficult times. It also reminds me to live in the present, instead of worrying about the past or trying to plan the future. Eckhart Tolle uses it in his books where he teaches about mindfulness. I cannot count the times people have taken an interest in this quote and it’s meaning, and so many people actually took away a lesson from it they could apply to their own lives. How great is that?

The Jewish folktale goes a little something like this (I say a little because I have found many different spins on the story and this is how I remember hearing about for the first time and wanting to get the quote tattooed) :

“Once there was King, a very rich and wealthy King, who was never happy, never satisfied. He had everything he could ever want, yet he could not find happiness in his life, no matter how hard he tried. When the King felt happy, he was afraid it wouldn’t last, which made him sad and scared. When the King felt sad or scared, he was afraid the feeling would never go away. One day, he decided to send all of his lackies on a quest to find him the thing that would make him happy. The lackie who returned with success would be rewarded generously. For years and years, the King’s lackies wandered around the kingdom, searching for anything that might help the King find happiness. Some died during the quest, others returned only to be told by the King they brought home the wrong thing. Until one day one of the lackies found a ring at a fleemarket. It was inscripted with the words ‘this too shall pass’. The lackie knew he found something good and hurried on home to the King. Once the King read the etch, he instantly knew what had been missing in his life all this time. These four words, this simple knowledge, that humbles every person that comes across it. Now, the King could finally stop worrying and enjoy his life…”

Don’t you just love this? I see it as a quest for balance: in good times we should always be very grateful and not take it for granted, for good times will pass. On the other hand, in bad times we shouldn’t feel too desperate, for tomorrow will come. This simple knowledge has actually helped me through quite a few difficult situations.

Some other tattoo ideas I’m toying with: Ahimsa, Egalité or Liberté Egalité Fraternité (French for freedom, equality brotherhood. now you also see why in French ;)) and a tribal armband (not one of those 90S ones, a thick one, I just can’t find a good picture!). The first three for me represent veganism, among other things. Ahimsa is Sanskrit and stands for doing no harm and having respect for life. This is a beautiful quote in and of itself, but I especially love how it relates to veganism. It was also a statement Ghandi lived by.

Egalité (equality) and the phrase Liberté Egalité Fraternité have the same meaning for me as Ahimsa does, only in different words. I believe the motto is actually the French national motto and they have it (or used to have it?) on their coins. Not only do I value equality a lot when it comes to animals, but also when it comes to us humans. I’ve always had a strong adverse reaction to injustice, people not treated equally.

Well I guess that’s enough tattoo talk for today, I hope I can show my latest addition very very soon! This morning I am off to Ashtanga Yoga after drinking a lovely new Green Smoothie concoction (I was craving anything and everything you can make with a blender after being without power for 2 days ;)). I have missed Ashtanga so so much! And I have been craving Bikram ever since my last class haha. But I also still looove running. It’s becoming a bit of a problem haha, I want it all, everyday!

Did I mention I bought my own Yoga mat?

Chocolate Peppermint Green Smoothie
Serves one
* 1 cup cold water (240 ml)
* 1 big handful greens (I used kale)
* 1 banana, frozen (in chunks)
* small handful frozen blueberries
* 2 T raw cacao
* 1 T chocolate protein powder
* 1 T agave
* 1 t Maca (optional)
* 1/2 t peppermind extract
* dash of salt (optional!)

Blend greens and water. Add powders and extract, add frozen fruit on top, blend until smooth.

Notes: use a little extra water if you like a thinner smoothie (this one is quite thick). Also, if you can’t find peppermint extraxt (I ordered mine from, you can add fresh mint. Add it with the greens while blending.

Do you have any cool ink? I’d love to see a picture and hear the story behind it :). I am seriously crazy about tattoos. I may not like every tattoo I see, but I still like the fact that person got it, and for a reason. When I’m out I always on the lookout for two things: tattoos & doggies. Ask anyone ;)

Have a lovely peaceful Sunday everyone!



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