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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

Posted Mar 14 2010 4:00am
When I got home yesterday at 3:30, the power was out. I called our electric company and I was informed by the automated recording that our power would be 4:02 IN THE MORNING.

My cooking/baking plans were ruined. So, my mom came home and we went out to dinner. At dinner I called the electric company to get an update, and the recording informed me that our power would be restored....AT NOON ON TUESDAY, MARCH 16th. Um, there is something wrong with that picture.

When we got home from dinner, the power was on despite the recording, all was right in the world, and I started baking my cake!

I wanted to make a 2 layer cake so I used dark chocolate cake mix, peanut butter for the middle layer and whipped chocolate icing. I did my mixing and my cake was in the oven!

After I let it cool for about an hour, I added a thin layer of peanut butter to the top of the bottom layer. I've never tried peanut butter in the middle before but it sounded like a REALLY good idea.

I added the top layer and iced this cake up! When I opened the icing, I immediately noticed it was different. I didn't realize that I bought whipped icing, but I'm SO GLAD that I did. It was so smooth and easy to spread. It was so light but flavorful.

I will definitely choose whipped icing in the future! Betty Crocker? Never lets me down! I can definitely tell the difference between using Betty Crocker and an off beat brand. It's worth it to go with Betty.

I let the cake sit in for about a half hour before I cut into it. That's a pretty good record because it looked amazing. The peanut butter was really subtle but it was a nice change. Loved the whipped icing and the cake was sooooo moist.

What is your favorite kind of cake? Are you a chocolate or vanilla icing person?

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