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Chocolate-Covered Banana Bread Balls

Posted Dec 21 2012 7:30am

Who knew a simple covering of chocolate can totally transform a regular snack into a mind-blowing dessert?

Well, I guess I already knew that. Chocolate rocks like that. I am a chocoholic. I am not ashamed.

I admit I haven’t ever had a cake pop or anything of that sort but I was very enticed by the idea. Especially if it had to deal with chocolate. I was especially interested since I had an overload of dark chocolate at the moment due to the Green & Black’s blogger event I attended and I was very excited to use the dark chocolate in something other than just eating it plain.

So I used the rest of my Girardhelli dark chocolate chips and used some of the dark chocolate from Green & Black’s to create this awesome chocolate coating. The dipping of the balls was not nearly as annoying or difficult as I first expected it would be. Thank goodness for that, I was dreading it a little bit. But it was fine!

The outcome is… out of this world. Especially if you leave them out at room temperate after the chocolate hardens completely. Try it then and wow it’s incredible. The muffin inside becomes very soft and it really tastes like I would imagine a cake ball or pop to taste like. I could be wrong of course since I’ve never actually had one… but seriously, it’s worth a try! Especially since it’s just so easy to make too!

You can use either my original banana bread muffins or the pumpkin banana bread muffins for this recipe. You will be stunned at how delicious this creation is. I’d imagine you could use any regular muffin for this too just vary the amount of cream cheese you add since every muffin has a different texture.

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