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Children: obesity and overweight.

Posted Oct 21 2010 7:44pm
While I was waiting for my appointment I got one magazine and began reading . Then I came across one Brazilian study that says that in Brazil, nowadays, has 6% of the children with 15% over the ideal weight. At U.S.A. these numbers upper: 10%. But on the other hand, talking about overweight , Brazil has 22% of children that have their weight between: 10% to 15%, over the ideal weight. U.S.A loses with indices the 10%.

I thought about it after read and I think that it means that we still walking through a sick world. And it is serious because of the age that this disease has been starting.  From birth through to the onset of puberty , children pass through a series of milestones that cover everything from their physical development to when they should start playing independently. We need to pay more attention about our children because they are the future and we don’t want a bad future for our world with a lot of diseases. So let’s try to avoid some foods, let’s put limits. It won’t be late because never is too late to begin changing for a better life and consequently, better world.

If you have kids, don’t be afraid, they will thank you one time because of these changes. Health is the most important thing in the world. Without it, what we can do? At the beginning it will be a hard work but try to make some thing that you can convince them to eat healthy. I like make changes: I usually say to my little cousins that if they want to eat something grease, they must to try eating it only in the weekends. And they can choose their favorite food since pasta until some sweets. So they eat well during the week and they stay looking forward to weekend comes and then got their favorite food. And I put limits: they only can do it in twice meal per weekend.

I have here to the moms a recommend site to visit. Dr. Dawn has helped prepare interactive guides that allows you to quickly and easily track your child’s development milestones, as well as highlighting warning signs and important markers such as health checks and immunizations. Remember, all children develop differently and this tool is just a guide to what you might expect. It is not a substitute for a professional medical diagnosis and you should always check with your GP if you are worried about your child’s development.

( Embarrassing Bodies: Kids. )

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