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Children Missing Vitamins and Proper Nutrition

Posted Jul 29 2010 10:14am

Children are missing vitamins, nutrients, and an overall healthy diet these days. Even a child's development and brain function is contingent on good nutrition.  We can look at the overweight and obesity levels rising as evidence of poor nutrition, although one would think that there would be some good nutrition in there somewhere considering all the calories that are being consumed. Most of the calories come from cheap sources - foods and beverages that are calorie-dense. Instead what children need, and what we all need, are foods that are nutrient dense. Plant-based foods that contain lots of nutrients and vitamins and minerals are the ones that will not only provide better health, but also keep kids at a healthy weight. Although Juice Plus+® is not going to be something for weight control, it is even more helpful if your kids are completely missing the boat (or you are in not making them eat those foods) when it comes to their fruit and vegetable consumption.  You see, fruits and vegetables are generally bulky and yet still they are low in calories, while they can still be a good source of energy food (not to any great extent, but some). It seems that we just need some help, and probably some motivation, when trying to feed our children healthier. Lunch is a perfect example, so here are some tips for providing your child with a good lunch --

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity among children has more than tripled in the past 30 years. When it comes to preventing this health issue, parents play a critical role, especially when packing school lunches. Since it's hard to really know what kids actually eat in the cafeteria - not to mention what they may be swapping with their friends - parents should try and send them off with fun snacks that are healthy, too.

Roschelle Heuberger, a registered dietician and faculty member in the Human Environmental Studies department at Central Michigan University, has conducted nutritional research for more than two decades. Heuberger says it's easy to plan better lunches throughout the rest of the summer and when school kicks back in. She offers a few of her own ideas including: 

Embrace cold lunch: With a little planning, any parent can improve their child's health. Giving children money, or giving in to school lunch doesn't ensure they will eat well. Packing lunch offers parents more control over what their kids eat.

Calling all helpers: Most parents can relate to crazy and rushed mornings. Invite children to help pack their lunches the night before.

Make sandwiches fun: Let kids pick out their favorite cookie cutter and allow them to turn their ordinary square sandwich into a dinosaur or flower.

Keep it bright
: Children enjoy colorful food. Cut up some bell peppers, which come in orange, red, green and yellow. Add a side of light or reduced fat ranch for dipping. This works with almost any vegetable.

Buy a fruit dryer: Dried fruit is actually very good for children. Though high in sugar, they provide many good vitamins and nutrients. Plums, pears and apples are highly recommended.

Comments: There is no better way to set the foundation for good health and prevention for the coming years of a child's life than to instill good nutritional habits in them at an early age. Just looking at the childrens health study will tell you on positive the results can be if they are fed more good nutrition. It's easy enough to get out of good habits, let's don't leave them without a chance by not establishing those healthy habits in the first place. So make the effort to provide your child with plenty of good nutrition, with emphasis on ripe raw fruits and vegetables.  Be sure to supplement their diet with whole food nutrition that you can find with Juice Plus+® . Children need it just as much as adults, if not more, due to the deficiency in our number of consumed servings of fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Patrick Havey
The Health & Wellness Institute, PC
Official Juice Plus+® Independent Distributor

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