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Childhood Memories

Posted Nov 20 2012 9:56am
While I was driving home last night, I heard a song on the radio that reminded me of my childhood.  Listening to that song made me think about my favorite "childhood" Thanksgiving memories, and for some reason I started to think of how fast my life is spinning.  Maybe this is normal at my age.....who knows.
I started to remember some fond Thanksgiving holidays, as well as some not so good Thanksgiving holiday memories.  I want to make that clear, because like most families, my family was far from being perfect. I recall some holidays where family members went home angry because something someone said or me and my siblings would get in trouble for some childhood behavior and I could go on and on.   But, as a 51 year old woman I get to filter out what memories I choose to remember. I get to do that, so here are a few of my favorite memories and again (my memories).
  • My mother would put up one Christmas tree the night before Thanksgiving. One of many trees that would go up and down during the holidays. That's a whole different story.  Ha, Ha 
  • My mom took us to the Stroehmann bakery outlet to buy loafs of day old bread, to make our stuffing.
  • Sitting at the kitchen table and cutting the bread into cubes.
  • Chopping up onions and celery.
  • Using a huge bowl to mix the eggs, bread, onion and celery, and all the herbs and seasonings.  i remember squishing it in between my fingers.
  • Smelling the butter, celery and onions simmering.  MM, MM
  • I remember stuffing the bird with the bread stuffing the night before.  Yes, the night before.  We all seamed to survive without getting food poisoning. 
  • The smell of the turkey roasting and the pies baking.
  • I remember the table always having a bowl of nuts and fresh fruits. 
  • I remember my mom using our ping pong table as the family table and setting it up in the family room. We have a very big family.
  • I remember the huge turkey all golden brown, sitting on the table right before it was sliced down.
  • I remember how insane it was trying to get all these humans to sit down and pass the food around.
  • I also remember hiding under the table with some of the food I didn't like and feeding the dog with them. 
  • I remember my mom wanting the holidays to be perfect from table settings, to the left over turkey sandwiches.

These are my favorite memories from my childhood. 
  After all good or bad, these memories are a part of who we become as adults.   God Bless and have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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