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Chicago Rock'n Roll Half Marathon & Tips for a Good Race!

Posted Jul 20 2014 11:54pm

Sunday morning was an early start, 4:45 wake up and in the car heading to the race start at 5:30! The weather for July was pretty ideal, some humidity but not too much heat. Rock'n Roll series is a really well put on race with some good entertainment.  Each time I race I learn something new and hope to learn from my previous mishaps.

Post race in cab photo headed home. It was all over by 8:15am!

Post race in cab photo headed home. It was all over by 8:15am!

Race Tips learned along the way...

Start hydration a few days before. 

Eat an easy to digest, familiar meal the night before.

Pre-race fuel should be something that you have tried before.

Carry your own hydration. I always carry a small hand held, it helps me mentally never having to worry about when water is coming up.

Wear good socks and an outfit you know works for you.

Bring fuel along the run...just in case. I have never fueled during a half marathon race, I'm not the type to get hungry on the run but today was the exception. Around mile 11 I was starving and all I could think about was that. The course had GU at mile 10 but those don't sit well with me and race days are never good for trying out something new. So in the future I will always bring my own fuel just in case! Being hungry on the course is AWFUL!

When you get to the race go straight to the bathroom line. Even if you don't think you have to go just wait, by the time the line moves you probably will have to go and if you don't the lines get super long close to race start time!

Some post race thoughts...

Running marathons make you mentally tough. I feel so much stronger mentally post my 2nd marathon just knowing that I can do more.  

Speed work, hill training and HIIT will make you faster and teach you to push through when you get tired.

I need to rededicate myself to Pilates after this running season. When I get fatigued I can feel where my body's instabilities and weaknesses are and I need to strengthen those areas to avoid injury and improve my running form.

I love running. I always feel so accomplished and alive. 

It allows me to set new fitness goals and have something to always be working towards. You can always get better, maybe not faster but stronger and more fit.

What are your best race tips?

Workout Plan for the WeekMonday: Hot Vinyasa Yoga (it's going to feel so good!)
Tuesday: Shred415 
Wednesday: Pilates
Thursday: Teach Bootcamp and Shred415
Friday: Hot Vinyasa Yoga
Saturday: OFF

Oh and for those of you who have been missing Moose Mug here's a good one for you! She turned 4 this past week, I can't believe how old she is!

Patiently waiting for her ice cream!

Patiently waiting for her ice cream!

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