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Chia Love

Posted Feb 16 2010 7:05pm

Chia seeds are awesome. I’m absolutely in love with them. :D

They made an appearance in my breakfast of overnight oatsthat were especially delicious… I must be on a roll!!


They contained oatsyogurtmilkcinnamonblueberriesalmond butterCrofter’s spread1/2 of a bananaand chia seeds sprinkled on the top.


Yum yum… and the chia seeds plumped up on top and made it… the only word I can describe it as is fluffy.. so good!!


For lunch I had a fabulous sandwich. I used to eat lunch meat all of the time but I haven’t in a while. However I discovered that Publix carries Boar’s Head yesterday… jackpot! Lunchmeat can be.. well.. eh.. but Boar’s Head takes it to a whole new level.

The sandwich contained chickenbaby spinachhummusand tomato on Italian 5 Grain.


Oh it was good. I haven’t had a sandwich like this in farfar too long.


With it I had a repeat of last night’s salad with greensblueberrieswalnutschopped appleraisonsand strawberry/walnut dressing.


I love fruit in salads!! Some think it’s strange but I think it’s a match made in heaven!


I also had a kiwi.



Before my  night class tonightI had one of my most favorite bars: Odwalla Sweet and Salty Almond. I’m nuts about sweet/salty things and so this bar is right up my ally. Delicious.

photo (17)

I also had an apple but I forgot to take a picture.


I came home from class not really that hungry but I knew I needed to eat something so I made some oats… lame blogger alert but sometimes oats are perfect for dinner.


Not the most photogenic but good. It contained oatsmilkwatercinnamonbananaBarney ButterPumpkin butterand chia seeds. I actually used a frozen banana that I thawed in the microwave and it worked perfectly!


I had some cookies and cream frozen yogurt for dessert. My tummy is now very happy :D



Alsothank you for all the well wishes to feel better! I took some cold medicine this morning and it… well cold medicines and I do not mix. They all put me to sleep… even Dayquil and others specifically made for the DAY. I don’t know why. So I tried a new brand today that was supposed to be for daytime and I only took half a dose… yet it still had the same effect. I managed to stay awake but I’ve been walking around all day in a daze.. honestlyit makes me feel like i’m drunk. Makes for an interesting dayI’ll tell you that much ;)

And I apologize for the really short post but I’m beat. Tuesdays get me every time.


I am thankful..

  1. Ran into someone from my past again (this happened a while ago with some bad results) and this time I did not get upsetI did not freak outand I looked pretty darn good at the time :D Ok I know that probably didn’t make much sense…
  2. For my parents
  3. For opportunities


Random question for you tonightif you are in a situation where you have multiple optionsmultiple paths to takehow do you decide what to do?

(Anyone else used to watch Boy Meet’s World? I did!!! I found this quote and I love it)

Shawn: Okayits been raining for seven days. How do you explain that?
Cory: Warm air meets low pressure system?
Shawn: WRONG! It’s been raining because God is crying and he’s crying because he created you and Topanga to be the perfect role model of the perfect couples for the entire universe.
-Boy Meets World-

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