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Chest Diseases

Posted Jan 17 2013 10:22am
Chest Diseases Chest is the Part of Human Body between Neck and the abdomen enclosed by Ribs. Chest Is Most important part of body after head because of heart, Lungs and stomach these Organs are found in chest area. Stomach primary work is digest human foods, Heart circulate the blood in all body and Lungs are used for breathing. There are many disease associated with chest such as Chest Congestion Asthma Lung Cancer Common Cold Heart Fail There are also many other but we here discus about all above diseases Chest Congestion remedies This is actually a condition and mostly occurred in winter season. Chest Congestion has lot of symptoms such as chest pain, short breathing, coughing, sound while breathing, Runny nose and Labored Breathing. In Chest Congestion lower respiratory inflamed with mucus and fluid both these produced because of viral or bacterial effect. Extra amount of mucus and unwanted fluid become hurdle in respiratory system which is used for breathing. Respiratory Canal is the way from which air for breathing traveled from our nose to Lungs. FIFA Football World Cup 2014 Schedule Chest congestion treated with two types remedies 1st and more effective is home remedies and second medical remedies. here is the list of home remedies which are easily useable with in home. Drinking water Eat spicy food Eating Yellow Vegetables and fruits Herbal and hot tea Walk Light Exercise. Asthma Infections in airways called Asthma. Airways are used for carrying air from end to Lungs of human. Because of infection airways are become narrow and more sensitive for irritation and other infection and capacity of carrying air is gradually decreased. This Disease mostly chronic(Long Lasting) in nature. Lung Cancer Lung is main organ for breathing and it is very sensitive for diseases. In Lung cancer uncontrolled production of cells start in lung tissues which are disturb the normal working of lung and if it is not timely treated them then these cells are spread throughout body finally caused death. Common Cold Common Cold is a viral disease mostly affect the upper respiratory system including nose. this is not much more harmful for human. Mostly ended in 5 to 10 days. Symptoms of common cold are coughing, inflamed eyes, irritation in ear, fever, throat problem and runny nose. common cold causing virus types are over two hundred. Heart Failure Heart Failure is a condition in which human heart can’t pump enough blood to body which he required for performing his functional. heart failure have also some types such as some time heart failure occurred because heart does not fill up with blood which he circulate in whole body and some time his capability to pump blood in whole body is not good. some people have both type of heart failure and some people have only one type of heart failure. Human heart has two main part one is called right side and other left side. If the right side heart attack occurred its means that heart does not supply sufficient blood to lung to gain oxygen. on the other hand if heart does not supply oxygen rich blood to other body then left side heart attack occurred. High blood pressure mostly caused heart failure. Acute Bronchitis This is another viral or bacterial diseases in which upper side of airways is affected because of virus attack. Upper side of airways inflamed because of bacterial affect. As we know that airways are used for carrying air from end to lung which is used for breathing. because of infection these airways are become thin in nature and do not carry needed air. Pneumonia Is another chest disease related to lungs. in this disease matrix tissues of lung and air sacs are infected due to viral attack. lot of common symptoms are coughing, shortness in breathing and fever. how much time need to resolve this disease depend upon viral attack.
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