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Chelsey's Staple Food List and Healthy Living Tips.

Posted Aug 27 2012 10:02pm

These are the foods that I have in my diet on a regular basis. Print this out and take to the grocery store with you.

Chicken breast- no added antibiotics or hormones
Turkey breast- no deli meat!
Organic free range, cage free eggs
Egg whites
White tuna
Veggie burgers

Chic peas
Black beans
* if it's in a can get low sodium
Natural peanut butter- no salt or sugar added
Almond butter

Spring mix
Bell peppers
Sweet potatoes
Green beans

All berries

Coconut oil
Olive oil

Sunflower seeds
Chia seeds
Ground flax seed
** all raw and unsalted

Unsweetened almond milk
Fat free organic milk with DHA
Organic Low fat cottage cheese- do not get fat free bc it has added sugar and salt
Greek yogurt
Low fat/ no fat Feta cheese
Parmesan cheese

Steel cut oats
Old fashion rolled oats
Vans light waffles
Ezekiel bread- found in the frozen organic section
Wild rice

Sparks- Advocare energy drink
Green tea
Peach white tee
Starbucks Coffee

Supplements- all Advocare
Muscle gain- post workout protein
Arginine Extreame- pre workout amino acid
Catalyst - pre and post workout branched chain amino acids
Meal Replacement shakes- whey protein
Meal replacement bars
Snack bars- obsessed with ( only 150 cal

Omegaplex-omega 3
Coreplex plus iron- multivitamin
Calciumplex- has added vitamin D and phosphorus
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I focus on eating frequently n small portions. You will never see me not eating really. Ask anyone and they will say that if I don't eat I turn into a "Mangry" ( hungry angry) monster.

I also like to have a 12 hour fast. This means if I plan to wake up and eat at 8 before class or my workout then I stop eating at 8. This doesn't alway workout but it's a goal.

I pack all my food and plan ahead. I try to not eat out because I do not know where my food is coming from or how they prepared it.

I try to food journal and measure my food when it is appropriate. I do it for a week then take a weeks off. That way I am staying on severing size and more aware of how much I am eating.

I focus on basic foods that are minimally processed. If you don't know how to cook I suggest you learn. It will help you tremendously. Try making things from scratch instead of packaged things.

Mix it up and try new things. I'm always trying new recipes and new workouts. I like routine but I like to challenge myself and keep my body guessing.

Love what you do & practice what you preach. If you don't like what you are doing.. Do something different. If you don't like running try cardio or spinning or or Zumba or kickboxing or Cross fit. You are more likely to stick to things you enjoy doing.

Listen to your body. ThIs is the best advice I can give you. If something doesn't feel right then your body is telling you something. If I am tired the I need to rest. Getting worn down is just not an option. I fuel my body based of how hungry I am not on what someone else thinks I should eat. I know my body better than anyone so I should be the expert on how to treat it.

Try focusing on one tip every few weeks and keep reevaluating yourself. Set goals and dates to which you would like to achieve these goals. Leading a healthy life style is not always the easiest but I it will always be worth it in the end!

And don't forget- Shop the outer ring round your store!

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