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Cheese fondue, white wine and chocolate cake

Posted Jul 30 2009 12:00am

and the man I love and his family. Is there a better combination of things in life? I think not. Except for maybe if my family was there too – but I’m not complaining.

I woke up feeling like crap because of my food hangover from last night.  I felt sickly full still, so didn’t have breakfast.  Lunch was eggbeaters, a Morningstar Farms Italian sausage, tomatoes, and zucchini with laughing cow cheese and salsa:


Work was really boring today.  For an afternoon snack I had some cherries:


And then a peach.  Yep, still feeling fruity!


After my peach, my phone rings.  I was in a meeting so I didn’t pick it up, but I saw a voicemail and listened to it.  It was from Stephen’s father, and he was saying that they were going to come over in an hour for Stephen’s sister to bake this chocolate cake that I told her she could bake at my house.  Um… panic mode.  First of all, I’m totally in food hangover.  Still in my pjs, a huge mess.  My house is a disaster area.  Plus… although Stephen and his family chose to ignore the fact, it was the middle of the afternoon and I have a frickin full time job!  Sometimes I resent the fact that  because I work at home, Stephen seems to forget that I have a full-time job.  Sure, he’ll send his family over in the middle of the afternoon to bake a freakin cake.  Why not?  He doesn’t give a shit… he’s in his office in San Francisco over an hour away.  He hadn’t pinged me or anything all day to tell me that they were planning on coming over.  I couldn’t call his dad back because I was in a meeting, so I pinged Stephen and asked him to please call his parents and tell them that I wouldn’t be home in an hour.  And I thanked him for his stellar communication skills.  And then, I told him they could come over after 5:45, and I went to the gym.  I did 25 minutes on the stepmill, level 13.  Then I got on the elliptical, but for some reason my stomach started hurting sooo bad I had to stop.  I got some kind of horrible cramp.  I tried to sit down on the mat and wait it out, but it didn’t go away and I was in a hurry because I thought that Stephen’s family was coming over to my house.  So I just left, sad that I didn’t really finish my workout.  :(

However, as soon as I rushed home and took a shower, I finally got ahold of Stephen and it turns out his family bought a pan and wasn’t even coming over to bake anyways.  They were just going to do it at his house.  So, not only did I rush home for nothing and stress out for nothing… Now I totally felt really bad and guilty because for a whole week I told them that they could come over to my place to bake the cake and they ended up going out and buying the stuff anyways.  And then, still feeling shitty from the binge, I was invited (so of course had to go) over to their place for dinner, they were going to make us fondue.  Which made me feel even worse.

I went, though, and am glad that I did.  First of all, when I arrived they kept apologizing for this misunderstanding and kept saying “No hard feelings….”  It was so embarassing.  But eventually we got over that and I was really glad.  And then, it was dinner time!  After a little bit of chaos (Stephens parents brought over this fondue kit from Switzerland to make the fondue, started to make it, but then realized that they didn’t have one of the little flame thingies to put underneath.  So Stephen and I ran out to two stores and finally found one.  When we brought it home, his parents went to light it and… realized we didn’t have any matches or a lighter or anything.  Back to the store.)  we eventually had dinner.  And man, it was worth the wait.  We had fondue, made with genuine quality Switzerland cheese and sourdough bread.  This was the delicious bread and cheese before:

fondue bread cheese fondue bread cheese fondue bread

And during/after:

cheese fondue cheese fondue

Maaaaan…. it was good!  Along with that, we had white wine and cantaloupe:

white wine cantaloupe

And then for dessert, we had the chocolate cake that Stephen’s sister made for us!

Suzannas chocolate cake Suzannas chocolate cake

Yeah, it was basically incredible.  And I had had three glasses of wine at that point… so even if it wasn’t incredible I probably would have still eaten two slices….

I forgot to mention that I sort of had a breakdown in the grocery store while Stephen and I were looking for the little burning thingies.  Poor guy – I don’t know how he is able to handle me right now.  I’m PMSing for sure – TOM is next week – but my hormones have been going crazy anyways so my moods have just been up and down.  For some reason, something just hit me when we went out to buy the flame.  All of a sudden, I just felt so alone.  I love his family, but I realized in an instant how different they were from my family.  They all understand each other so well, of course, and I just felt like no one around understood me that way.  Stephen understands me, in a way.  Sometimes I feel like he really understands me and really gets me.  Other times, I feel like we are on completely different planets.  That was one of those completely-different-planet times.  So I just started to cry while we were waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store.  Yeah, it was greeeeeeeeat.

But overall, it was a great night.  It ended perfectly and really made me happy.  Man, I love good food and being with family – I am so thankful that, since my family is so far away, right now Stephen’s can be the next best thing in my life…

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