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Cheese Baby: First Trimester Details

Posted Jun 07 2013 2:33pm

First – thank you all so much for the tweets, comments etc! I know it’s sort of lame to give a blanket thank you, but I was overwhelmed (in a good way!) by all the messages. Even though I clearly wasn’t doing a good enough job hiding this pregnancy from some of you.

Second – I should probably mention that Evan refuses to call our future child Cheese Baby, claiming that it just makes it sound like I’m gaining weight from eating too much cheese. However, since this baby has only fueled my cheese addiction (seriously, I can’t get enough of it these days), I feel it’s entirely appropriate. So, Cheese Baby it is.

Third — I know many of you read this blog for the running stuff and aren’t interested in babies. And then some of you are probably way more interested in pregnancy/babies than running. So all I can say is — I’m going to do my best to find a balance. This isn’t going to become a pregnancy/baby blog where I chronicle every single detail, but I can’t exactly talk about running for the next 6 or so months without mentioning it…seeing as my training/running has already changed a lot. I know I can’t please everyone, so if you find yourself tuning out over the next few months I promise I won’t be offended.

baby conkey_race bib_week 8We’ve been doing the race bib photos every week since week 7. 

Anyway, before I back up and explain myself a little, I wanted to take a moment to answer the most common question pregnant ladies get asked when people find out you’re pregnant:


Okay, so things haven’t been that bad (all of the time) but I swear to you – my answer to that question changes based on the time of day/day of the week/etc. Sometimes, I feel pretty decent and I actually start to forget that I’m pregnant. But other times I’m completely blown away by the fact that something so small can make me feel so awful.

Also, I’m tired. All the time. I don’t know if I just wasn’t listening when I heard that pregnancy causes fatigue or if I really was just that naive about how tired I’d feel but man — I have been bowled over by exhaustion. I have never been this tired in my entire life . Not during the peak of marathon training, not during or immediately after a marathon, and not even after the few all-nighters I pulled in college. It’s a constant, never-ending, almost crushing fatigue that makes it difficult to accomplish even minor household tasks. Let alone put together a coherent thought.

Weeks7 11Not tons of change so far…except that my boobs are getting noticeably larger.

As far as other symptoms go, I’m very lucky to be able to say that I haven’t thrown up once…and although I’ve come close several times, I’m hoping to keep it that way. I have not been so lucky to escape the nausea, however. I’m usually sick every morning and every evening, with lunch the only time that I can ever truly count on to be able to stomach a balanced meal.

The other pregnancy symptom that I never really grasped before becoming pregnant? Constipation. Yes, I know…this is probably TMI. But I’m a vegetarian runner who loves her coffee (or used to, anyway). Being regular was never something I had to worry about before. Now? Well…let’s just say that it’s awful. Painful, causes cramping (which is kind of scary in and of itself) and makes my stomach change size on a regular basis.

Have I mentioned yet how fun the first trimester is?

Food Aversions

The only true, consistent aversion I’ve had since week 5 or so is coffee (and, to a lesser extent, tea). So sad, considering just how much I loved my juice. I tried switching to decaf after I found out I was pregnant, but after about a week I just couldn’t stomach it anymore. Every once in a while I can have a tiny bit of iced coffee in the late morning/afternoon (iced beverages sit better than hot, for some reason), but I’ve basically given it up altogether. Which I suppose is for the best, since caffeine isn’t really great for developing babies.

I also avoid most green vegetables, and have only recently started feeling hungry again. If you had asked me a few weeks ago if I had any food aversions my answer would have been “all food.” For the first time in my life, eating became a chore.

9w vs 11wI guess I should learn how to stand in the exact same spot…

Food Cravings

Cheese, bagels, and more cheese. Cream cheese, cottage cheese, sandwich cheese, aged cheese – you name it, I want it. If I could eat a bagel with cream cheese every day for every meal, I’d be happy camper (don’t worry Mom, I’m not…well, not every meal, that is).

The saddest part about this amped up cheese love is that I’m no longer allowed to eat the best cheese in the entire world — Grafton Cheddar , because it’s made with raw milk. When I first got pregnant, I kept eating it because I figured 3 or so years of aging had to kill any lurking bacteria (right?)? But my doctor put a stop to that at my first appointment.

So on top of coffee, wine, and beer (oh how I miss you!), I also have to go 9 months without the same cheese that’s become a daily staple in my diet over the past year. Heartbreaking. (I know…feel bad for me…life is hard).

Good thing I really really want this baby. I suppose it makes all those sacrifices worth it in the end.


I want to talk about this in a separate post, because I’ve actually got a lot to say on the topic (I mean, I’ve had months of build up…words are going to start spilling out now). For now, I can admit that I went into this pregnancy sort of naive about how much I’d be able to handle. I knew I’d have to slow down, and that as I got bigger I’d need to cut back, but I figured that I’d be able to keep up a respectable mileage throughout the first trimester.

Oh how silly I was then…

I didn’t exactly take into account how the nausea, cramping, and overall exhaustion would impact that. Oh, and how much fun it’d be to run with a lot more jiggle up top than I’m used to. It’s been an adjustment, and for now I’m working really hard to just let go of my natural desires to push myself and compete against the clock.

cheese baby reveal_koliKoli is pretty excited to be a big brother

I’ll leave it at that for now! Next week I’ll give you a little bit of background info about all this (yes, I know we all know how babies are made, but I do sort of what to give an explanation) and then I promise I’ll talk about running again!

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