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Cheese Baby 23 & 24 Weeks

Posted Sep 03 2013 7:40pm

Viability , Baby!

(Not that I want her making an appearance any time soon…just reassuring to get to this point.)

cheesebaby_24 weeks

Also, reaching 24 weeks means that there are only 16 more until Cheese Baby’s estimated arrival date…aka the length of a typical marathon training cycle! Now that’s a time frame I can work with!

Body: I swear things change every day now. Sometimes I look down at my belly and can’t believe how much it’s grown. Or I’ll think it’s big one day and then the next time I look down, it suddenly seems so much larger. I’m starting to really fill out too – no more cute tiny bump that’s just in the front. I seem to become more “well-rounded” by the day.

cheesebaby_24 weeks frontOnce again, we skipped a week of pictures. I’m losing some of my gumption when it comes to these weekly race bibs.

Weight gain: I’ll know for sure next week, but it’s got to be at least 15 pounds, maybe more (let’s just say we don’t seem to be shooting for the low end of the weight gain spectrum here). I’m starting to really feel heavier too, and not just when I’m running. It’s already gotten harder to heft my weight out of bed or bend all the way over…I can’t even imagine what a few more weeks will do to my mobility.

cheesebaby_week24 side

Clothes: Time to admit that the majority of my pre-pregnancy clothes don’t fit. Although I have a few running tanks that work fine, all of my t-shirts are too small. Even my running shorts are getting tight (people who say “you’re all belly!” are either lying to be nice or are too distracted by the belly to notice the rapid expansion that’s occurring in my bottom half).

I finally broke down and bought some maternity pants for work along with a couple pairs of jeans…and immediately cursed myself for waiting so long. Besides trying to get used to the extra fabric, they are so much more comfortable than waistbands digging into my abdomen. I know, I know…everyone told me this. But I was stubborn and in denial and cheap. Do you know how expensive maternity clothes are?! I’d much rather spend my money on cute little baby clothes than a temporary wardrobe for myself.

Symptoms: Sleep is still going okay. Not awful, not great. I’m a light sleeper to begin with, and I feel like pregnancy has only enhanced that. Evan and I went camping with his family over Labor Day and I swear I woke up every hour or so. Every time someone moved, my body snapped awake. I suppose it’s good practice for the future.

Fortunately the pelvic pain that started bothering me at the end of Week 22 seems to have (mostly) subsided. I’ll talk more about this in a second (with the running update) but it helped that I finally figured out that part of the problem was the chair I was sitting on at work. Fortunately a new one is coming this week, and I’m really hoping that I’ll stop experiencing pain and tightness after a long day of sitting.

Week14 vs week2410 weeks of growth…and to think I was convinced that I had a bump at the end of 14 weeks!

Baby: Still moving around in there like a little dancer. I told her that she better enjoy all this space while she still can. I’m not exactly a tall person, and I have a feeling she’s going to run out of room pretty quickly. The kicks seem to get harder each week and I’m starting to be able to feel different sorts of movements. I can’t always tell what body part she’s hitting me with, but I definitely feel a wider range of movement, if that makes sense.

Running: Week 23 was a little rough because of the pelvic/groin pain. And it may have led to a momentary (hormone-enhanced) freak out about having to give up running for good. Fortunately after a little rest and a few changes, things seem to be feeling better and I’m back to running without pain.  So pregnant runners out there, just remember — everything can change from week to week. And one bad week doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your running days.

That being said, I think my days of running in the morning are numbered. The sun has been rising later and later, and although I’m no stranger to running in the dark, I’m not sure how comfortable I feel doing it while pregnant. Plus, I’m so exhausted in the morning, I have to admit that it’s getting increasingly more difficult to get up.

Anyway, I talk about it a little here , but over the past couple of weeks I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on my training and re-assessing why I’m doing all this to begin with. Pain that scares you into thinking you may have to give up running for good (or at least until after delivery) will do that to you. To make sure that I’ll be able to continue running for a while, I’ve really made an effort to scale back — both in terms of intensity and mileage.

During this pregnancy, I really haven’t been able to handle the mileage that I had hoped. BUT, up until a couple of weeks ago I’ve been able to plug along at a fairly decent speed. Sure, I’ve slowed down since pregnancy, and I’ve noticed a gradual slowing in my paces every few weeks or so, but I’ve still had my fair share of “speedy” runs. In fact, up until 2 weeks ago I was able to maintain a sub-8 pace for at least a mile at the end of most of my runs…something that made me feel pretty awesome every time.

And then one day, it was like my body suddenly declared “ENOUGH!” and that was that.

The interesting thing is, despite all my prior protests and my confessions about missing running fast , I’m totally at peace with it. Slowing down feels really good. You know how the day after a tough workout it feels so good to just zone out and amble along at a relaxed pace? Well, that’s basically how I feel…every single day. I figure it’ll eventually be like this with walking too. I’m still running straight through on all of my runs (with the exception of one when I was recovering from the pelvic pain), but I figure one day it’s just going to feel really good to stop and walk….and so I will.

I’ve also been making more of an effort to incorporate strength and cross training into my weekly routine (although traveling and the holiday this week sort of messed with that). I found a free, 10 minute prenatal yoga video that I’ve started doing after the majority of my runs. It’s a nice way to ensure that I’m stretching enough and work on a little strength while I’m at it.

week 24 front fullYou can finally tell I’m pregnant from the front!

Here’s how the workouts broke down over the past two weeks. Nothing too spectacular, but just keeping it real around here.

Week 23 (recovery)

Monday: walk + 30 minutes weights

Tuesday: walk only

Wednesday: 4 @ 9:07 (started at 9:30s, negative split)

Thursday: 3 miles run/walk — struggled with pain on Wednesday night and was afraid to do too much, to soon. So kept it super easy on Thursday. No watch, no set run/walk intervals (though I did run more than I walked), and no real hope that I’d be able to run much the rest of the week.

Friday: 35 minutes prenatal yoga + 35 minutes weights

Saturday: 4 @ 8:54 (started slow again and picked it up at the end)

Sunday: 6.5 @ 8:35 (no pain, best run of the week!)

Total: 17.5


 Week 24

Monday: 4.3 @ 8:52 + 30 minutes weights

Tuesday: 4 @ 8:58

Wednesday: walk only

Thursday: 5 @ 8:48

Friday: 4.4 @ 8:46

Saturday: 4.5 @ 9:03

Sunday: kayaking

Total: 22.2



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