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Cheese Baby: 19 & 20 Weeks

Posted Aug 07 2013 8:43am

The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. I haven’t had two consecutive weeks that were more different in my entire pregnancy. And it’s funny, because although I sort of expected some sort of change to happen around this time, I always figured it’d be after 20 weeks…not before.


Because the weeks were so different and I don’t want to write a novel, I’m going to present this update a little differently than ones I’ve done in the past. Plus…who wants to read the same old post every week anyway?

We didn’t take any pictures at 19 weeks (that’s how bad things were…I just could not muster the energy), so all of these are from Saturday.

Body: The belly is popping! Although sometimes I’m delusional and think that you still can’t tell I’m pregnant, Evan assures me that it’s pretty obvious.

Cheese Baby_20weeks_sidefullWell hello, Baby!


Week16v18v20For comparison: Week 16 vs 18 vs 20. That happened fast!

Clothes: It’s still a mix. I’ve embraced a handful of maternity tops, but I’m still getting by with my regular wardrobe when I can. I know it may sound silly that I’m trying to stretch my clothes for as long as possible instead of just giving in to maternity wear full-time, but the way I see it is — I’m going to be wearing only maternity clothes for a very, very long time. And I’m pretty sure I’m going to eventually get sick of them. So the longer I can get by wearing at least some normal clothing, the better off I’ll be.

Low point: All of week 19 (dramatic much?)

Week 19 was a rough one…or at least, that’s what it seems like when I look back on it now. If I had to sum up the week in two words I’d say: tired and sore. I mentioned the round ligament pain and the fact that my belly seemed to suddenly pop in an earlier post, and all that just led to a lot of discomfort…and, consequently, an emotional, slightly irrational LBC.

Although I kept up with my goal of running at least 20 miles a week, I can’t say I enjoyed a single one of them. I had fears of my running days being over for good. Fears that were only magnified on Saturday when I went out for a super easy, slow 3 mile jog in preparation for a long run the next day. From the get-go my legs felt heavy and everything felt off. I started experiencing pressure and discomfort in my lower abdomen that suddenly turned into full blown cramps in the last mile. And with less than a half mile to go, I had to stop and walk. I felt awful, defeated, and a little scared.

cheese baby_week20_frontfull.jpg

Biggest Lesson Learned: No running without fueling!

In hindsight, the cramping was probably caused by my own stupidity. I normally eat a small breakfast before my morning runs, but that day (for whatever reason), I skipped it…choosing instead to grab a large handful of cereal on the way out the door. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Pre-pregnancy, going for a slow 3 mile run without fuel would be no big deal. Now? I can’t not eat in the morning after having not eaten all night. Baby needs food! I will never make that mistake again.

Even lower point: Spending essentially all of Sunday on the couch.

I was so exhausted that Sunday (technically day one of Week 20) that I woke up and pretty much just parked myself right on the couch — complaining to Evan the entire time about how awful I felt. Probably would’ve done that all day if he hadn’t dragged me into the bedroom and put me back to bed. Not my most shining moment.


Turnaround moment: Last Monday morning in the middle of a 6 mile run.

I suddenly realized that all the RLP was gone, my legs were feeling lighter, and I was ready to push. I finished the last few miles “fast” (fast to me these days means sub-8:00 minute miles), a pace that was helped by the appearance of another woman runner right up ahead that I just couldn’t let get away. Yes, my pride is still holding strong…

Highest point: Finishing a 10 mile (!!) run on Saturday. It only took 10 weeks, but I finally got myself back up into the double digits (last time I ran 10 was at 10 weeks with Stephanie at VCM).

To be perfectly honest, I’ve had this goal in my head for a long time. Yes, I know I just wrote about how it’s hard to stick to your goals during pregnancy because baby is the one who is really in charge, but…I still kept it in the back of my mind. And after a great week of running, I knew I had to attempt it. I started off slowly, kept the pace easy for the first half and then let myself open up a bit on the way home. It was amazing — I seemed to feel better the longer I ran. And although I finished feeling tired, I was also on the top of the world. Here’s to hoping that half marathon is still within reach!

10miles20weeksBoo-yah! I don’t know if it’ll happen again, but it happened.

Symptoms: I already talked about Week 19, so let’s focus on the more positive aspects. The fatigue wasn’t as bad this past week, but I am finally accepting that I just get worn out a lot easier now. I’ve started embracing naps, at least to an extent. It’s amazing how just a little extra sleep can make me feel human again. Other than that, though, I’m feeling pretty good!

Baby: Weighs about 13 ounces as of Monday’s appointment (more on that in my next post!) and is growing healthy and strong! Cheese Baby is measuring a week ahead right now (and has been since my first ultrasound around 12 weeks), which would put my due date at 12/15, instead of the 21st. It’s not enough of a discrepancy for my date to actually be changed, BUT it’s enough to give me hope that baby will make an appearance sooner rather than later.

I’ve also been feeling baby move! I started noticing little flutters in the 17th week, but honestly — it can be hard to differentiate the faint little kicks from gas. It feels a little bit like bubble bursting, so I didn’t always trust that what I was feeling was actually a kick. Over the past couple of weeks, those sensations have gradually been getting stronger. Still no real kicks yet, but I can’t wait until Cheese Baby starts with the jabs. I saw those legs on our ultrasound — they’re packing some power!

Thoughts on the anatomy scan: We had our anatomy scan on Monday! This is technically a 21st week thing so really shouldn’t be in this update, but I’m so excited to report that baby looks great!

And to answer the question I’m sure many of you want to know — YES we found out what we are having!! Unfortunately I have to keep it a secret for just a little longer….you know, just to avoid getting in trouble with family who may not know yet (oops, sorry dad!).

I don’t really want to start a debate about whether it’s better to find out or wait, but can I just say that I had no idea how strongly people felt about this topic until I got pregnant? Every single couple who I’m close to that has gotten pregnant has found out what they’re having, so I just assumed it was something everybody did now. It’s not like you need a special test. The doctor and lab tech are going to know a vital piece of information about your baby…whether or not you choose to hear it. I suppose this was all naive of me. Because let’s be honest — what aspect of pregnancy don’t people feel strongly about?

At my very first appointment (only 6w3d into my pregnancy), the tech who was drawing the 78546 vials of blood they collect at your intake asked me right off the bat, “Are you going to find out!?” At this point, I had had barely enough time to get used to the idea of being pregnant…and 20 weeks seemed very far away. I stuttered out something about how I thought we would and could immediately tell I had given the “wrong” answer. She sighed, pursed her lips, shook her head, and said, “NO!! DOOOON’T!” as if I had just told her I wanted to dump my dog off at the pound. She spent the rest of the blood draw trying to change my mind about why it’s best to wait. Do you know how much blood they take when you’re first pregnant? It was a long, awkward experience, let me tell you.

Look — I get that it can be a wonderful surprise in the delivery room and that some people insist it can be great motivation to push. But I can assure you that Evan and I were VERY surprised when we found out, it was an incredibly emotional moment, and I’m pretty sure that when the time comes, I’m going to want that baby out…knowing what we’re having isn’t going to diminish that in any way. That being said, if you are against finding out and don’t want to know when your time comes, I think that’s pretty cool too. I promise I won’t try to change your mind if we ever meet in a lab room as I’m poking you in the arm with a needle (or any other time).

cheese baby_20 weeks_bibfront.JPG


Only running mileage is counted. I also try to go on daily walks of at least 40 minutes with the pup.

Week 19 (Week of 7/22)

Mon: 3.7 miles in 31:28 (8:30) + 30 minutes weights

Tues: walk only

Wed: 5.1 in 42:54 (8:24)

Thurs: 4.5 in 37:10 (8:15)

Fri: 5.1 in 42:04 (8:14)

Sat: 3 in 27:50 (9:16)

Total: 21.4

Week 20 (Week of 7/29)

Mon: 6 miles in 49:45 (8:17)

Tues: 4 miles in 33:45 (8:26)

Wed: walk + 30 min weights

Thurs: 6.5 mile progresion run in 52:52 (8:08)

Fri: 3.7 easy in 32:50 (8:52)

Sat: 10 miles in 1:25:12 (8:31)

Total: 30.3


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