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Cheeky River Gods

Posted Jan 23 2013 4:28am


Hi bloggies!

I’m back after enjoying a beautiful birthday in London. Thank you so much for the well wishes on facebook, email and twitter!

London has been a blur of moving in, delicious new food, exploring the twisting and turning streets of my new neighbourhood and revisiting some cultural attractions.

Before I share some of my new recipes with you (poached-egg stuffed baked potato-wiches and whole-baked cauliflower with olives, to name a few), I need to introduce you to somebody very special.

One of the first things I did upon arriving in London was to visit the Elgin Marbles in the British Museum. Sculpture is my favorite form of art, and this is my favorite sculpture, making it possibly my favorite thing to ogle in London ^~
May I present one of Elgin’s masterpieces: the Figure of a River God.


Figure of a river-god

The figure used to rest on the west pediment of the Parthenon, and is thought to represent the river Ilissos. Aside from the perfection of the male form in every line, my favorite part of the sculpture is this cheeky peek  

Figure of a river-god 2

Why do I love this sculpture so much? It’s because originally the back part of the sculpture was completely hidden from view, but the sculptor carved it anyway — and a fine job he did, may I add ^~

I saw the sculpture for the first time last summer, and it has resonated with me ever since. It’s funny to think that the last time I visited the British Museum, I was an awestruck tourist. Now I’m an {awestruck} local.

Address aside, I still wonder what made the sculptor continue his work… was it a sense of duty to the integrity of the piece? His reluctance to stop working on the gorgeous youth’s body? There’s something beautiful and just a little bit naughty about his secret pose that makes me smile every time.
The Londoners I’ve met so far really take advantage of their museums and galleries. Everybody has a favorite artist, and they all seem to be on their way to catch the latest exhibit. Museums are free here, and there are plenty of them — I’ve been to three so far, and counting!



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