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Chatting about Belly Dancing Coins

Posted Oct 07 2008 6:29pm
by Charlie Reese

Adding Sparkle with Belly Dancing Coins

If you have just started belly dancing then you know that costumes are all part of the fun. When putting on a performance the costume of a belly dancer is just as much a part of the attraction. People tend to connect exotic gold accessories with belly dancing.

Authentic belly dancers actually wear very little jewelry, as too much jewelry can be a hindrance to the smooth movements that make up a good routine. However belly dancing coins are an exception. Hip scarves and belly dancing bras are often adorned with belly dancing coins.

Ancient Tradition

The origin of belly dancing coins is currently unknown. Most people tend to believe that the tradition started when the audience of a belly dancing show would give the dancer coins as a token of appreciation. Others believe that it originated from a gypsy tradition that has a similar style of dance that uses coins. Whatever it’s origin it has now become almost a required accessory to this art form.

Hip Scarves

Hip scarves are commonly decorated with belly dancing coins as the movement, color, and sound of the coins on the hip scarves adds to the drama of the routine. You can buy a hip scarf that already been adorned with these coins if sewing is not your cup of tea. Often such scarves have elaborate patterns and are very eye catching.

If you feel that you can make your own hip scarf with belly dancing coins then go ahead. You can easily purchase belly dancing coins that have a hole drilled through them for easy threading. You can combine the coins with beads for that extra flair that is so important when belly dancing.


If you would prefer to leave your hips free of any accessories you can still incorporate belly dancing coins into your costume. Many belly dancing costumes come with headdresses and a headdress made of coins is sure to impress and add a touch of exoticism to your costume. It also looks very stately when you enter the stage wearing a headdress.

Bras and Tops

Yet another way to add belly dancing coins to your costume is to have the coins sewn onto your belly dancing top. There are tops that come with coins already attached but you can feel free to improvise by adding coins along the bottom part of your belly dancing top. Or you could also sew the coins directly onto your top.

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Charlie Reese enjoys teaching about belly dancing. He as well enjoys giving a psychic reading to his friends and family. He as well enjoys speaking to psychics on a weekly basis.

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