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Chasing Away The Blues

Posted Mar 04 2010 9:32am

Running Dog Training Making an effort to do something good for yourself is sooo worth it. 

Wellsphere is such a great place to get real support and really get it done this time.

I'm a person who has been active my whole life yet there are things that are really good for me to do that I can't seem to get done.  As I coach people to running a 5K with their dog as their running parnter I'm working with many people who have never really run before.  Or even stayed on a steady walking routine for that matter.

From someone who does that all the time, its more difficult to see why getting out and getting it done is so hard... of course until you try another practice that isn't something I've already made routine.

This is how I learn to be supportive and coach other people through it.  By doing it myself.

My thing is yoga.  I need to do more yoga.  Why?

Because I've run all my life and my flexibility is terrible.  Worse than terrible.  Age is a process and by continuing down that road I am going to shorten my time with the activity I love if I don't take care of it... be active about something as simple as stretching.

Setting up my Wellsphere reminder has been so helpful in my commitment to spend time practicing yoga.... its awesome.

Here is an article for those that may be having a hard time getting themselves ripped away from the computer screen, off the couch and out the door...

How your dog can chase depression away...

Chasing Away Depression:  Run With Your Dog


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