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changing things up

Posted Jan 19 2012 12:34pm

since starting the new year we have been trying to get back into a routine. working from home it can be hard to maintain a working out schedule. but we are determined to get back to a morning workout R-O-U-T-I-N-E!

being part of a great group like FitFluential , we are surrounded by inspiring, amazing people that push us to be our best. so the first thing we are doing is trying to start our days earlier, therefore getting “to work” earlier.

our workouts are becoming more priority too. and we are doing this by trying to workout first thing in the morning.

we are averaging about 3 days for morning workout routines. we just get caught up in our work that the days just fly by, sometimes we are not working out till late afternoon. then more work, more hours go by and we are eating dinner by 8. and then we do some more work and then more hours go by and the clock shows it being 11pm or later. so getting up early is hard for us. but we are determined to get our morning workout routine back!

so what have we been doing for our workouts? a little bit everything. everyday we try to do something different but usually our schedule dictates what workout we do based on how much time we have to workout. oh how sometimes we wished we could get paid for working out

  • Monday – yoga – 2o minutes, we did a youtube video of Steve Ross
  • Tuesday – bodyrock 7 minute fit tests from their 30 day challenge
  • Wednesday – yoga – 2o minutes, another youtube video
  • Thursday – 30 minute Physique 57 arm and ab dvd

another thing we are determined to get back into our workout routine is yoga! and we have! we do yoga about twice a week.


ahhh, yoga! always makes us feel great.

we are approaching yoga, as well as getting back into a routine with fun and ease, no pressure. we notice when we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do certain things, or perform a certain way we tend to fail.

this year we are not going to fail. we are changing our attitude. changing the way we “worry” about things if you will. we are even doing our own version of “clean eating”, based upon people’s recommendations for our skin. which we will continue to share our journey and more thoughts on acne .

 Twins Question: Are you a morning person? A night owl? What time do you get up? Go to bed? Any tips for helping us get up in the morning?

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