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changing education paradigms

Posted Feb 04 2013 11:41pm

My teeth almost start clenching, my stomach gets tied in knots, and I almost can’t help but leave the room- in class? SERIOUSLY. Some of the things these college professors are saying and teaching are ridiculous and so outdated.

In Women’s Health Studies, my teacher began the class saying, “Sorry I have to teach this, it’s whats in the textbook. I know it’s boring, but we have to cover it.” OK EXCUSE ME, but you are the teacher. YOU make the tests and YOU have ultimatum. Who are you letting control what you think and what you believe and what you teach?! She then went on to discuss how all forms of sunlight are bad and to buy spray tanner, but that’s beyond the point… photo

What I want to convey to you- is that you don’t always have to believe what you hear. Who said the words in the textbook are correct?Who regulated them?

I, for one, don’t agree with half of the things I am taught at The University of Florida. But, students are being taught these things and they just listen because that’s what they’re told to do. What ever happened to standing up for what YOU believe in?

Not only that, but modern college leaves no room for creativity. For me, I can’t help but have fun in the kitchen, blog, paint, create jewelry, and enjoy my life whenever I can. People often ask me how I manage that among my studies. I ask them how they don’t.

Watch Ken Robinson talk about schools, education, and creativity. 20 minutes of insight.

my favorite thing he says: “the whole point of public education…is to produce university professors” right- spot on the money!

comment and let me know what you think- are teachers completely outdated?

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