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Posted Mar 15 2013 1:32pm

Maybe it’s just me, but this week has sucked. There aren’t even words for it. It’s just been bad all the way through.

I’d like to say I’ve been busy, but that would be a complete and total lie. I skipped one of my classes, and have spent most of my time sitting around and complaining about how exhausted I’ve been.

I have however been going to the gym.

Yep, I joined a gym.

And you know what? I don’t hate it. My knee just isn’t in good shape, and the elliptical is pretty much saving my life right now. I can go at it for 45 minutes, and still be able to walk down the stairs afterwards. It’s wonderful.

I’m still making sure to ice afterwards, but so far so good. The pain isn’t getting worse, and at this point that’s a pretty big win.

In other news . . . you may have caught onto this already, or maybe not because I haven’t come right out and said it. But there’s a boy. It’s going well, he takes me out for ice cream, and doesn’t complain when I cook him eggs for dinner. But that’s about all I’m going to say about that right now.

I’m really hoping today goes by quickly. This week has sucked all the life out of me, and I just want it to be over so I can party it up at Ikea tonight. I know, I know, my Friday night is going to get pretty out of hand. Hopefully I can handle it.

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