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Change of Plans

Posted Dec 19 2011 9:27am

*If you missed our earlier date night posts, check them out below!*

Saturday night was the date set aside for our December date night. It was Pete’s turn and what December date could be more perfect than a trip into NYC to see the tree in Rockefeller Center? He made dinner reservations at an Italian restaurant and planned to walk the streets to see all the Christmas sights.

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Sounds lovely right? Well, plans change.

For approaching a week and a half now I’ve been battling a pretty darn bad cold. Everytime I think it’s gone, it sorta creeps it’s way back in another form. Needless to say on Saturday I was still not feeling 100%. Walking around the city in cold weather all night would not exactly be good for someone trying to beat a cold. With that, we decided to be smart and change our plans to something more low key.

Pete decided to take me to see Breaking Dawn, which I’d be wanting to see for over a month now. Shockingly, none of my friends would go see it with me! Seems I’m the only one who is a sucker for teen vampire romance! So my darling fiance, without ever having seen the other movies, took me to see it. I filled him in on the story beforehand so he was all caught up.

We both thought the movie was decent. Having read the books, I know all the action takes place in the second half of the book, so I’m sure Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be a lot better. But boy, if you haven’t seen it yet, prepare yourself for the birth seen. Murderific.

After the movie, we went out to dinner. After debating on where to go, we chose a nearby place called The Office . The Office has a few locations throughout the state and both of us have been to different ones and knew it was a pretty cool, chill atmosphere. Plus the menu is pretty incredible.

As soon as we sat down, the waitress brought over some veggies and dip.

This was definitely unique, as most restaurants start you off with bread. While I’m a complete bread lover, I liked the idea of starting off with a healthier option. Plus the dip was really tasty.

For an appetizer we ordered the Pretzel Sticks.

Holy crow. I mean literally, neither of us have had anything like these. I know they’re just pretzel sticks but WOW! The dough was very fluffy and light, quite different from typical pretzel sticks. Plus the cheese dipping sauce made with amber lager was delightful- kind of reminded me of the cheese at The Melting Pot .

As my meal, I went with the Turkey Avocado Wrap. It had bacon, lettuce, BBQ sauce along with the turkey and avocado all stuffed into a wrap and served along shoestring fries. Very tasty. When ordering, I thought it would be served on a bun, but the wrap was a pleasant, healthier, surprise.

This was really very good. I ate half and had the other wrapped which I enjoyed the following day as lunch.

Next up was dessert. I mean come on, it was date night! As soon as I saw the dessert menu and spotted the words “Cookie Dough Skillet” I was sold. Little did I know it would be a Pizookie!

I’ve read about Pizookies on Gina and Ashley’s blogs, but never thought I’d find one! A Pizookie is basically a chocolate chip cookie almost all the way cooked served with some vanilla ice cream. Absolutely incredible. Pete and I split this and it was the perfect amount.

Just roll me on home!

Even though we both really wanted to see the tree in NYC, I know we made the smart choice. The tree will just have to wait until next year when we’re a married couple!

Ever had a time where your plans completely changed, but worked out really well?

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