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Posted Jan 22 2010 11:22am

I’m sweating. . .wearing work clothes… at work… and a little out of breath. Today I played volleyball with the high school kids and man, I’m AMAZING! haha. OK, maybe decent. I love playing volleyball with them. I used to play in middle school and forgot how much fun it is. We had an extra long break and played until their next Final started. This job may be a handful, but I am a different and better person for being here. I root for these kids and in turn some of them root for me too :)

Other than playing volleyball, I woke up this morning and stretched for 10 or 15 minutes. It felt great! Tomorrow I will begin running. I am excited and nervous, but mostly up for the challenge. In the past I always thought I couldn’t do anything and if I could it would end up wrong, so I never challenged myself. Only at the age of 25, I realize how challenging myself, whether I succeed or fail, is an amazing opportunity to change. I usually grow the most when I have to learn from a mistake…and I make a lot of mistakes.haha.

I came up with a list of things I want to do to challenge myself this year… here we go!

1. Learn to cook -really cook (mom, you’re going to need to help me with this)!

2. Run/jog most of the 1/2 marathon in May and stick to my schedule!

3. Be better with time management! I’m not so great with it right now :/

4. Hang out with my friends more! Most of them are either in school, far away, working hard, or all the above!I have to work on dedicating more time to my relationships!

5. Make time for dance parties :) dancing is my favorite thing! Maybe I’ll take a dance class (I’m still working on the ballroom dancing classes).

6. Learn from failures and success.

7. Focus on the process just as much as the outcome.

8. Kick butt in school and hang with my awesome classmates more often.

9. Get into the health blog world a bit more. I find it so interesting and helpful to read other blogs!I’d love to meet some of my health blog idols!!! :)

10. Continue to embrace who I am now and who I am becoming. I spent such a long time trying to be what I thought other people wanted me to be that I forgot how awesome I am -  just the way I am.  I am a good person, flawed but kind, generous, funny, and think with my heart instead of my head 9 out of ten times. I’m authentic. I change my mind. Sometimes I would rather be happy than right. I am entirely myself for the first time in a long time and I am pretty happy :)

ok, so that’s just the starting point for me. Any challenges you guys are planning to take on??

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