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Posted Sep 14 2009 9:54am

I didn’t go away!

There have been some changes recently. I can’t discuss it on here, but my posting schedule won’t be as frequent as I had tried to be. For the rest of this week there won’t be any posts. Beginning next week I am going to try for a 3 times a week posting schedule. And there will be something else new. It will be a surprise.

I do have big things coming up! On Sunday I have my first 5K race, the World Trade Center Run to Remember. Thank you to those who donated, it really means a lot to me! And next weekend I have the Komen Race for the Cure. This is more of a fun run than a race as it isn’t timed, and I am very excited to be doing it with Missy and Megan.

Last weekend I spent a night at the Jersey shore with the boy and his family. I had an ice cream cone for the first time since I was little! Can you believe it? Once I got older, I always ordered in a cup. Well, I have been missing out! The cone was amazing, especially when it gets a little soggy from the ice cream, and you get to the bottom and you have a tiny bit of ice cream still in your last bite of cone. Amazing!

I will be having these more often.

ice cream cone

The boy and I went on a run together for the first time. We’ve started together before, but we never actually stayed together during it since he is faster. Since we were on the “boardwalk” (they call it that even though it is cement — guess it is just the best word for “path by the sand”) and somewhere unfamiliar, the boy said he would run 5K with me. I thought I was slowing him down, but he said he wouldn’t have gone much slower on his own.

Running an unfamiliar path is HARD! Even though it was all flat, I struggled much more than usual. It is so different when you don’t have familiar sites that tell you how long you’ve been gone for and how much is left. I was so happy when I was done (LOVE how the Nike iPod says 400 meters left….300 meters left….200 meters left… etc.) and then the boy kept going! I was impressed because I was so happy I even made it that far, I was so tempted to quit so many times.

I did 3.13 mile in 33:00 minutes. I will be doing one more run tomorrow morning and then . . . race day Sunday! My goal is 10 minute miles, as I’ve said. I am having a very hard time finding a running shirt. I’ve been running in Hanes wifebeaters and I need something that will breathe and soak away the sweat! I love Lululemon for spin and Core Fusion, but I need a shirt that doesnt have a built in bra for running, since I need to wear my Lululemon TaTa Tamer. I tried on all the non-bra shirts at Lulu and the smallest size in all of them was huge. I don’t get it. I am not that small. Many girls are much skinnier than me and have smaller chest sizes.

So I went to Urban Athletics, a running store in the mall where I work. All XS tops were too big. Then I went to Century 21 and Modell’s. Same story. Then I went to The Running Company, where I got my shoes. Same thing. Tomorrow I plan to go to New York Running Co in the Time Warner Center. If they have nothing, I will see what I can find when I pick up my race chip and bib on Friday, since pickup is at a running store! Hopefully I find something. It is so strange. If I can’t fit into workout tops, what do the really tiny girls do? I know what my problem is — my ribcage is really small. Someone even recently commented to me about how close together my ribs on each side are to each other.

Next post will be after my 5K . . . wish me luck! Have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend. Bye summer? I was still waiting for it to begin . . .

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