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Posted Feb 08 2011 5:49pm
(the title's for my sister:)

Things are changing around here again. I realize more and more everyday, that the Wellness War has metamorphosized over the past months into:  
Them vs. MeMeat-eaters vs. Plant-eaterCarnivores vs. The Vegetarian (technically pescatarian)
 You get the idea.
If I'm not making a purely vegetarian meal (like broccoli & spaghetti ) I need to make adjustments to accommodate my own needs. Example?  Mexican Chicken -I make the whole dish but I don't eat the chicken.
Then there are the meals that I completely substitute in 'faux meat' products or beans of some type to make a fake out meal. I LOVE recreating old favorites into something vegetarian! For instance, anytime I make anything 'mexican' like tacos, I use Quorn grounds . I also use lentils & quinoa . My Sloppy Joe's have an ever changing ingredient list. The latest being Quorn Grounds and quinoa , which I think I loved the most. I'll post that the next time I make it.
But then there are just some things that can't be faked & might require a separate preparation. Like real beef in soup . Or my  Tomato Vegetable Soup  and his Beef Barely Potato soup, which he mixed together & ate for 6 days in a row! Or real chicken in The Chicken Stuff (I tried to fake it-no go, still working on this one).
What will not change is that fact that the dinners I make need to taste good and be healthy. The blog won't really be changing all that much, but I will try to make a point to show the different sides of each meal, meat vs. veggie.
Next week, you're going to get a look at how things will look- its D's traditional birthday dinner! 
I also plan on changing up the look of the blog so stay tuned for that too!
And soon, a fun recipe-Blame the Dog Casserole.

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