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Ch, Ch, Ch… Chia! Yes, Your Furry Friend Can Help You Lose Weight and Be Healthy

Posted Nov 26 2012 10:54am

If you don’t live under a rock and are over the age of 10, you are probably humming the annoying headline above.

You’ve seen those commercials for the pottery pets that grow “fur” from little seeds. Well, those little seeds are chia seeds and they are a mighty and bountiful food. Adding chia seeds to your diet can help you lose weight while you add vital nutrients to your body.

The nutrition label tells the story.

Tiny seeds grow big benefits!

As you can see,  just one tablespoon has a whopping 6 grams of fiber and only 1 carbohydrate. Yes, it also has 70 calories and 5 grams of fat but those are good fats, omega 3s and omega 6s, which are essential fatty acids that our bodies can’t produce. That means that we must get them through the foods we eat and chia is a great source.

More good news? Chia has more calcium per serving than milk. Also loaded with antioxidants and some protein.
Tasty, too. Kind of nutty and a bit sweet.

So, how to eat chia?

I like it sprinkled on things like cereal or oatmeal, even fruit salad or yogurt or cottage cheese and fruit. Ditto on salads. Chia seeds are a welcome addition to your salad dressings, adding fiber, healthy fats, crunch and pizzazz. I add them to baked goods, yes, even chocolate chip cookies. If you don’t tell anyone there’s healthy stuff in those cookies, they never have to know!

They’re great in muffins and make a breakfast muffin a lot more satisfying with the additional protein and fiber. Fruit smoothies are a wonderful place to throw in a spoonful of chia. Making a pot of chili? Chia it up. Vegetable soup? Chia is great in there, too.

How do these tiny tidbits help you lose weight? The secret is in the fiber. Fiber fills you up and helps you feel more satisfied after eating so that you don’t eat as much. Eat some chia seeds as part of your meal and drink a full glass of water and that meal will stick with you quite a bit longer and help you resist snacking on less-than-good-for-you choices at 4:00.

So, ch, ch, ch, chia! Buy them in some supermarkets, health food stores, even Trader Joes carries them now. If you can’t find them in real life, they’re available online at Amazon and other retailers. Try them and let me know how you used them and if you enjoyed your new furry friend.

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