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Cellulite Treatment in Houston

Posted Sep 04 2012 1:46am
Cellulite is quite frustrating for a large majority of women as it negatively impacts their appearance and confidence. In fact, approximately 85 percent of women who are over 20 years of age face the problem of cellulite, which causes uneven skin or dimpling of skin in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Genetics and aging are said to be the major causes of cellulite. Thankfully, with Cellulaze treatment in Houston, one can get rid the cellulite problem. FDA has given approval to this cellulite treatment and now, it is considered to be an excellent option for cellulite reduction in Houston.
  Who Needs Cellulaze Treatment?
 Women who wish to reduce the appearance of cellulite can opt for this cellulite removal treatment, which is minimally invasive. Cellulaze treatment is effective for women who regularly follow a strict diet and exercise regime, but fail to get rid of the cellulite problem. Cellulite treatment targets the structural causes of cellulite and that is why it is able to provide more permanent results.
  Enjoy Long Term Results with Laser Cellulite Treatment
 Usually, local anesthesia is sufficient for cellulite treatment. This is a one-time treatment that offers long term results, lasting up to a year. The Cellulaze laser fiber threaded through a small cannula is inserted through the incision site. The SideLaze3D TM laser levels out the bumps of fat and releases the fibrous bands that pull down the skin. This helps to get rid of the cottage cheese appearance and the dimpling. The treatment also stimulates collagen production to improve skin elasticity and provide a smoother look. The treatment lasts for one to one and a half hours. For enhanced body sculpting, Cellulaze treatment may be performed with liposuction as well.
  Recovery in No Time
 Usually, daily activities can be started by the patients immediately after the procedure is over. Some may experience slight sensitivity and bruising.
  Cellulaze Results - What to Expect
 In most of the patients, results are usually visible after an average of four weeks. However, for development and improvement of complete cellulite reduction, it takes up to 3 months and in some, up to 2 years as well. A few months after the procedure, many patients might experience a fifty to sixty percent cellulite reduction. However, there may be a variation in the results on the basis of individual body composition and skin. As months pass by, the skin will look smoother and will have a youthful appearance. Plastic surgeons in Houston are very experienced and would provide all the details of this laser cellulite treatment.
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