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Cellulaze Reduction Treatment - Get All the facts

Posted Dec 24 2012 3:59am

Cellulite is a problem that many women are worried about. Cellulaze reduction treatment is the best solution for this aesthetic concern because Cellulaze addresses the structural causes of cellulite in one treatment instead of treating the problem superficially.


Cellulite buildup is attributed to a number of factors, which are not in one’s control. Hereditary factors, age, weight changes, thickness and elasticity of the skin can all make the cellulite more prominent. Conventional treatments available for cellulite do not address the root causes and therefore provide only temporary results. Cellulaze cellulite removal is the first cellulite treatment which provides long lasting results and that too in a single treatment.


  • Many women are concerned whether the cellulite treatment is painful. This advanced treatment is associated with negligible discomfort or pain. Patients are given a local anesthetic to numb the areas that are to be treated. A slight pressure or a little bit of sensation can be felt in and around the areas to be treated. Patients are awake and not completed sedated during the treatment, which makes it safe and comfortable.
  • Some swelling and a little soreness may be seen after the treatment. But these resolve quickly. You need to speak to your doctor before you undergo the cellulite treatment. You should ensure that this treatment is right for you.


The Cellulaze Laser Treatment Procedure


Cellulaze reduction treatment is performed under local anesthesia. Cellulaze uses a unique laser to target the cellulite under the skin. During the procedure, a tiny laser fiber is inserted under the skin; the laser energy gently heats the skin and melts the fat. When the fat is removed, the cottage cheese appearance caused by the fat pushing up against the skin also improves. The laser then releases the fibrous bands that pull down the skin creating the orange peel effect. This results in a smoother and healthier skin tone. Finally the laser improves the production of collagen and this increases the thickness and elasticity of the skin.


Cellulaze is best for those who have a healthy weight and have specific areas of cellulite. This cellulite treatment takes about one to two hours to perform. Most women can get back to their daily activities the day after the treatment. The results of the cellulite removal treatment can be seen immediately and new collagen will develop over the next couple of months. The excellent aesthetic results last for a year or more.


Find the Right Plastic Surgeon


Only a reliable plastic surgeon, specialized in providing Cellulaze reduction treatment, can ensure the good results you expect. So it is important to locate an experienced plastic surgeon providing service from an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery facility. Get all the facts about the procedure from your surgeon, so that you can take an informed decision.

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