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Cell Phone Use vs Brain Fxn Part 3

Posted Oct 21 2011 3:41pm
In the latest salvo of the cell phone wars, (no, not Apple vs Android), a study was just released yesterday in the British Medical Journal concluding that cell phone use does not increase the risk for brain cancer.  The authors arrived at their conclusion after following 358,403 Danes >30yo from 1990-2007.  There was no increase risk even in those who used their cell phones for >13yrs.  And they noted no association between tumor location and ear typically used for cell phone.

I doubt that this will end the controversy .  Critics rightly claim that inadequate time has passed to demonstrate cause & effect in such typically slow growing tumors.  Even the authors admit that a small subgroup of super heavy users may be at increase risk.  But at least for now, one can feel safe using their cell phone, at least not while driving (which is more likely to lead to an injury).

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