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Causes Of Halitosis

Posted Mar 20 2009 3:18pm

Halitosis is another term for bad breath. Some people who are affected by this condition may not be aware that they have it. It is really a blessing when you have friends or family members tell you that your breath has an unpleasant smell. Most people will just keep quiet and just not tell other people about bad breath. There is no escaping halitosis. It is rare not to have an encounter even with a stranger that has bad breath. Ignorance is not a good excuse. So it is really best to equip one’s self with the basic knowledge on what causes this condition.

The most common foods that have strong odor that can actually cause foul breath are garlic and onions. These foods have strong smells that can stay in your breath for a long time. Brushing your teeth and using mouth fresheners can temporarily mask the stench. They only provide temporary relief since some of the particles find their way into exhaled breath from the blood. Since these foods are becoming infamous for their odor some people avoid eating them and other aromatic foods that have the same effects. Other than these smelly foods there are other reasons like bacteria thriving inside one’s mouth. These are caused by food particles stuck in between teeth. Bacteria feed on these embedded food particles that they cause plaque or even infection in gum lines. Lastly, there are medical conditions like ketosis which is mainly responsible to a person’s funky breath.

Simple Answers to the Question: What Causes Halitosis ?

There is no single reason or cause for halitosis. The best way to unravel one’s condition is to consult a doctor. This expert will be able to determine the real cause of this condition. A regular visit to your dentist can reveal a lot. There are cases of halitosis that are not caused by a poor oral hygiene. It is even necessary to undergo blood tests to determine the systemic answers to the real cause of bad breath. Halitosis can actually pose for more serious medical conditions . It is necessary then to have a medical evaluation of the problem. It is best to have a dentist check your teeth and gums and if there is nothing wrong with your mouth then the next step is consult a doctor who can provide diagnostic tests to determine the real cause of someone’s halitosis. Also, this will help you manage your condition without being too dependent on your doctors.

Practice makes permanent. It is best to develop a regular routine maintaining your good oral hygiene. Good habits will have good results . If you smoke, it will give you a bad breath. So it is necessary to avoid vices or bad dietary habits that will just promote foul breath. Regular brushing and flossing can definitely make a big difference to someone’s breath.

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