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Causes Of Chronic Yeast Infections

Posted Feb 11 2009 2:58pm
by Jennifer King

Chronic fungal, vaginal infections are now destroying the health of 5% of women worldwide. If you’re coping with recurrent fungal infections I can assure you that you’re not alone in your suffering. The excellent news is there is a obvious cause of your chronic Candida infections, and as soon you have found out what it is you can easily treat your infection naturally.

OTC anti Candida creams

OTC anti fungal products are a major cause of recurrent yeast infections. Large numbers of women, everyday, are buying these products when they don’t need to use them. Many women seem to think that these anti Candida products can be applied to ward off a fungal infection, and this is the opposite of what will happen.

When you use an OTC anti fungal cream it will force the controllable Candida yeast residing in your vagina to change into a fungus. It transforms to protect itself from the OTC treatment that is used to wipe it out. Apart from the side effects of these OTC treatments they are safe to use for 7 days to cure a fungal infection, the yeast will not have time to mutate and end up resistant to the OTC treatment.

this mutating happens when the anti fungal remedy is over applied for no reason that the yeast transforms, becomes resistant, and then becomes the reason for recurring fungal infections that become seemingly impossible to cure. And as more of the OTC treatment is applied to try and cure the chronic fungal infections the transformed yeast is becoming stronger.

Antibiotics and Candida infections

Antibiotics are the biggest cause of chronic yeast infections. Like over the counter creams, antibiotics cause the yeast to transform in its fight against a medicine that is forever attempting to kill it. As well as wiping out the fungus and bacteria that the drugs are intended for, the antibiotics kill all of your beneficial bacteria that are one of your body’s natural barriers against funguses like Candida.

Anti fungal drugs also weaken your body’s cells, and this results in problems like a weakened immune system which is also one of your systems defenses against infections.

Underlying illness

Another reason for your recurrent Candida infections could be an underlying illness. This is why it’s so important that you visit your health practitioner when you first suspect any reoccurrence of your Candida infection. Diabetes and the HIV/AIDS virus are a couple health conditions that are responsible for chronic Candida infections.

If you’re suffering from diabetes you can get it under control with a more suitable medication, then you can can get down to successfully curing your Candida infection.

If you have AIDS/HIV then you will probably be on constant medication because of the reason that your immune system will be too low to fight of the mutated yeast.

Chronic yeast infections cures

If you have the misfortune of recurrent fungal infections, and under the impression that have no chance to cure yourself you do still have options of treatments left. And these options have helped tens of thousands of men and women eliminate from their bodies the mutated Candida so they can carry on their lives in excellent health.

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