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Casually collocation the food will poison the body

Posted May 06 2013 5:31am
  Lives, a lot of people for their health, adhere to the diet Proverbs. But you know what? Diet Proverbs of those people has always been convinced, in fact, many full of one-sidedness lies. However, cheap christian louboutin online    with the development of technology and the improvement of the health needs of our daily lives become accustomed to is not the healthy way of eating are gradually revealed.
  I hope you will note the usual diet, as long as the master of this degree, you will not because they are victims of.
  What are the symptoms encountered seafood will suffer?
  Gout: Some seafood containing high Princeton,  outlet discount christian louboutin    cause human metabolic disorders, to aggravate gout condition, therefore seafood with high Princesa, such as silver pomfret, tilapia, pomfret, milkfish, grass carp, carp, mullet , silver carp, sharks, whitebait, gout patients are unfit for human consumption.
  Leukemia: suffering from leukemia and other bleeding disorders should not eat high fat content of seafood.
  Patients with liver cirrhosis: like a sardine,  cheap louboutin outlet   Pacific saury, tuna fish, such as mackerel fish oil-rich seafood, liver cirrhosis patients should minimize consumption.
  Some foods should not eat seafood, so there must eat seafood taboo, can rest assured to enjoy a meal Oh!
  Crabs + persimmon, eggplant: should not crab and persimmon, eggplant eat, so as not to damage the stomach.
  Silver pomfret, silver fish, croaker, herring + cattle, suet: These fish should not use beef suet for frying, one is due to cattle,  cheap christian louboutin pumps   the suet smell a little weight, is likely to affect the taste of the fish; secondly, these fish belonging to the hair thing, allergic people eat more easily itchy, while cattle, suet cooling, easy to condense hair hard, cold weather cattle, suet cooking around the mouth after eating easily wrinkled, both are added together, the feeling is more obvious.
  Third, meat and disease taboo
  Stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure patients should not eat meat: meat, heat, high fat, protein, such as stroke, christian louboutin men shoes  heart disease, high blood pressure patients, they should not eat.
  Febrile illness: Chinese medicine believes that people suffering from heat disease while taking the drug, it should be fasting or eating less meat, because meat greasy prone to heat, to help wet, the role of phlegm after eating will encourage Evils ,  cheap christian louboutin shoes   make the condition worse.
  , Meat and other food food taboos
  Meat consumption has a long history, and therefore found in many other foods with Taboo, may wish to pay more attention to, or be separated as far as two hours or more, such as digestion almost edible.
  , Lamb food taboos
  1, not with miso,  cheap christian louboutin   soba with food: easy does not cause bloating.
  2, not with vinegar with food: lamb Qi tonic, vinegar acidic temperature, protein, vitamins, acetic acid, and organic acids, swelling and blood circulation, in conjunction with the cold food and lamb should not. However, a small amount of vinegar to remove sheep Saowei.
  3, not with pumpkin food: with the food will multiply to help the fire effect and pumpkin, the Yang Sheng Yin were cut.
  Beef food taboos
  1, not with chestnuts with food: beef, high fat, and chestnut starch content, both belong to the warm food,  red bottom shoes on sale   easy to eat cause bloating, indigestion.
  2, not with wine with food: beef, sweet and warm, qi to help the fire, and the wine is the product of the Greater Vancouver, with food easy to get angry and cause inflammation of the teeth.
  , Pork food taboos
  Not with the snail with the food, the with cool eating habits, greasy easy Shang Wei.
  Duck food taboos: not with turtle meat with the food easy to eat with constipation.
  Eight custard and disease contraindications
  Lactose intolerance: lactose intolerant people to be careful drinking milk class, drinking a small amount each time,  christian louboutin outlet shoes   or by the consumption of dairy products such as cheese slowly adapt.
  High cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease patients and the elderly: eggs most criticized high cholesterol, so the argument of the kind of people should not eat eggs.
  Nine, drinking milk misconceptions crack
  A milk and juice drink: It is said that milk and fruit juice can cause indigestion;  cheap christian louboutin heels   milk protein but in fact encountered acid precipitation is normal, even without juice, milk encounter stomach acid into the stomach will precipitate, In general, only gastrointestinal poor people to be careful drinking, other people do not have to be too concerned about.
  Milk can not and tea, coffee, chocolate drink with: Some people think that one of the oxalic acid, tannic acid precipitation reaction with the calcium in milk, thus affecting the absorption. In fact, cheap christian louboutin outlet    these substances may also react with minerals in the body, there is no milk drink is not related to.
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