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Career Fantasy & Doing What You Want

Posted May 24 2011 10:12am

Caitlin recently asked these questions on her blog:

“What’s your career fantasy?  Are you going to make it happen?”


Good questions.

This was my reply in her comments :

career fantasy. omg that is SUCH a big question. No, I am not doing it fully, but I kind of am in other ways, too, I guess? I dont know. I am off to ponder this for awhile. I love food, photography, writing, motherhood…and am doing all of those things, but there are other pieces missing and other pieces present that I’d like to change…add things/remove others.

Need to think about this…. :)

Then I went to photographer Penny De Los Santos’ blog and read her post and watched this video (the best way I’ve spent 10 minutes in ages.  Normally I am not one for videos online because I am a skimmer and a speed reader but it’s well worth the ten minutes.)

The take away message from her post is this (in her words in case you’re not a video person):

So, I say to all of you:  What If you are good enough?

Whatever it is you want to do, you can do it.  Whatever it is you want to be, you can be it.  So go do it.  That is your final assignment.


Deep thoughts.

Being in Aruba has given me the mental space to think, the emotional room to breathe, combined with the freedom to do some soul searching.

Gazing at the ocean, thinking, wondering, pondering.  Letting some of life’s big answers come to me.

I definitely don’t have it all figured out.  And in some respects I may have less figured out now that I did before I arrived, but I know this:

1. I am meant to take pictures and photography will have something to do with my future.

2. I am meant to work with food. Cooking, creating, recipe development, making things in the kitchen will have something to do with my future.

Who else’s mind would take raw vegan cookie dough and then add melted white chocolate to it and then add dried mango to it?  My mind of course!

And I promise, they’re amazing.  And I will always love to come up with recipes like this and play and create in the kitchen.

The workshop I recently attended, Real Food Styling & Photography , opened some mental doors to a world I really didn’t even know existed.  Or that I’d want a part of.  Very parallel to blogging before I found this world!

The portobello burger I created, food styled, and photographed that day.

The workshop lit a fire under me to explore new options.  Even if I don’t wind up doing certain things, I have to at least explore the potential. For me, life is all about trying things, exploring, taking some risks.

Like taking risks creating and styling pasta for the camera!  That was tricky!

3. I am meant to write.  Maybe not write a book , but who knows?  I love my blog, I love to write, I love to share.

Writing, challenging myself through writing, sharing, putting pencil to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and just letting the words flow is important for me.

Taking ideas, constructs, unorganized concepts, food, ingredients, parenthood stories, fitness information, whatever it is, but writing about it is something I love to do.  Didn’t know this until I started my blog.

4. Yoga and an overall commitment to health, fitness, a healthy lifestyle is part of the puzzle, too.  I need to be active, I need to have yoga in my life, I need to feel that balance.

5. Being Skylar’s mother comes first, above all else, but as they say you have to put your own oxygen mask on before you assist your child.

Even though there is ultimate sacrifice in motherhood and makes life become much more of a balancing act, I would not let my own dreams, goals, and aspirations fall by the wayside completely by the way because I am also a mother.

I believe it’s possible to balance motherhood and career goals and aspirations.  Not always easy, but possible.  Tread lightly, balance, juggle, where there’s a will, there’s a way type approach to it.

Lots to think about, and thanks for your comments on my last post, Monday Funday .  There are definitely some watermelon fans in the house, huh!


1. What’s your career fantasy?

After all that, I still don’t even know what it is exactly.

But I have some of the aspects defined (photography, food, writing, yoga/fitness, interwoven with motherhood).

(For new readers, I work fulltime out of the house, and I am the breadwinner for our family, but for privacy reasons I don’t discuss my work.)

One day I think my fantasy is just going to “come to me” and manifest itself!  Til then, the soul searching and pondering will continue.

2. Are you doing what you want?

If so, how did you make this happen? (do tell because others can benefit from your “success” story)

And if you’re not doing what you want, are you taking steps to ensure that you will be doing what you want?  What’s currently standing in the way?

Lots to think about and can’t wait to read the comments!

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And finally, keep your entries coming for the business cards give away .

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