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Care myasthenia gravis should pay attention to what issues

Posted May 07 2013 1:28pm
  Myasthenia gravis care we need to pay attention to? You how to care for this disease? To make friends of patients as soon as possible back to health, care work is essential, hermes bags outlet  to the Phoenix Chinese Xiao Bian today to talk about how to care for the same myasthenia gravis.
  How to care for patients with myasthenia gravis:
  1, patients pay attention to regular exercise
  In everyday life, patients should pay attention to proper exercise, to enhance their physical fitness, cheap hermes jewelry  and ability to resist disease, but they can not exercise too much, according to their actual situation, to choose their own campaigns. If the patient is seriously ill or bedridden, but also to give patients appropriate massage, in order to avoid the occurrence of pressure ulcers.
  2, patients living have often
  Patients to develop good habits, every day, day in the life, time to sleep, get up on time, cheap hermes shoes  try not to stay up all night to ensure that work and rest, so that we can help treat patients less susceptible to illness.
  Patients should be sheltered cold, anti-cold
  For patients with myasthenia gravis resistance than the poor, and colds, it will make the disease more serious, Cheap hermes belt  but also further reduce the body's resistance to disease.
  4, the patient should eat Festival
  Care patients with myasthenia gravis should pay attention to diet, do not hunger or satiety, hermes kelly purse  to develop good eating habits, law, Du diet, but also pay attention to nutrition, try not to be a partial eclipse.
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