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Carb Boom! Energy Gels Review (& giveaway!)

Posted Oct 22 2012 11:30pm

So I’ve talked about these gels a couple times now, ever since I first tried the Apple Cinnamon flavour in Vancouver.  I loved this gel because a) it tasted like apple pie b) the consistency was much more pleasant than other gels and c) it had no artificial flavour, colour or sweeteners!

The delightful people over at Carb Boom were so kind as to send me a sweet t-shirt plus all 6 flavours so I could give them a try and review them for all of you! In fact, they sent me enough to share!

One lucky winner will win all 6 flavours! Lemon approved.

Kidding, I never fed my dog energy gels your crazies.

Now, on to my review!

Use: I used these gels during my long runs and during my most recent half marathon race. The directions on the package indicate that 1 gel should be consumed (with water) 15 minutes before exercise, and another one every 30 minutes of activity. I generally do not have a gel before activity (because I eat real food) but I did have one every 40 minutes or so during training. During the race, I had one at 6km, 12km and 16km.

Performance: I tried to stay on top of my energy levels by taking gels before I felt fatigued. It seemed to work. I always feel like these gels give me a little turbo boost about 20 minutes after I consume them. Whether or not that is a placebo effect, I couldn’t tell ya! But if I feel like Superman, why wouldn’t I keep using them? I will say that by the 16th kilometre in my race last weekend , I was too far gone and I really didn’t feel any effects, but I was gunning it.


  • Apple Cinnamon: Fave #1 of 2. Love this one. It legitimately tastes like apple pie filling! It’s not too thick and goes down easily. I could definitely eat this without water and it would be a-ok, but I figure the water helps push it along and gets it working faster.
  • Strawberry Kiwi: Pretty good! If I recall correctly, the consistency on this one was a bit thicker than the apple cinnamon, but still good. I’m not a kiwi fan but if you generally enjoy strawberry kiwi flavoured things, this is for you!
  • Raspberry: 3rd favourite. Raspberries are my favourite berry! Again, this was a bit thicker than the apple cinnamon, but a it’s good flavour that isn’t too overwhelming when trying to eat whilst running!
  • Grape Pomegranate: Fave #2 of 2!!!! Tied with apple cinnamon! I ate one of these today before instructing my classes because I was low on energy and it is tasty. It has the same thinner consistency of the apple cinnamon and it tastes really good and fruity!
  • Vanilla Orange: This is my least favourite flavour. I wish it was all orange and no vanilla. But! This one is labelled as having 50mg of caffeine! This is a bonus. Before I discovered Carb Boom I used to buy the GU gels that said “2x the caffeine” because YES we want caffeine whilst running forever and ever. So even though this flavour was “meh,” it might be worth it for the caffeine boost!
  • Banana Peach: Totally tasted like bananas and peaches. Just not my thing! Consistency was a bit thicker (I think) as well…but really I was in a daze by the time I ate this one, hahah.

And there you have it! 6 energy boosting flavours to get you to the finish line! I will certainly continue using the apple cinnamon, grape pomegranate and raspberry flavours! Actually, I would eat all of them again, I just prefer some flavours over others. You can pick these up at race expos or your local Running Room! I believe you can also order online.

The Giveaway!

  • First entry (mandatory to enter): Leave me a comment telling me how you’re dying for a boost of energy in your next race!
  • Second entry (optional): Share this giveaway on Facebook and tag  Work It. Wear It. Eat It.  and Carb Boom Sports Nutrition in your post. Leave me another comment and let me know that you did this.
  • Third entry (optional): Tweet this giveaway and leave another comment letting me know that you did! (e.g. “I want to win some sweet energy gels from @WorkWearEat and @CarbBoom_SN ”)

Contest closes Friday October 26th at 11:59pm EST! Open to residents of Canada and the US. 

Happy Running!!!






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