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Caralluma: Learn About the Many Health Benefits of This Plant

Posted Dec 08 2012 10:32am


Caralluma Follow Me on Pinterest Caralluma is an edible type of cactus found mainly in Asia, Africa, and the Mediterranean. It has been used as a food which can be eaten raw, cooked as a vegetable, and even pickled. It has even been known to be used as a thirst quencher.

Health Properties of Caralluma Over the years, researchers have done studies on this interesting food and discovered that it has many potential health benefits also. It is believed that Caralluma can act as an appetite suppressant and stimulant, also effecting the appetite control center of the brain, which greatly increases the body’s ability to lose weight. In regions where food could be scarce at times, Caralluma’s appetite suppressant abilities were discovered. It has also been said that Caralluma has properties which help oxygenate the body, increasing the body’s ability to burn fat, rather than to store it. A study was conducted with fifty overweight patients for a period of sixty days. Some were given a placebo, while others were given Caralluma extract. Once the study was concluded, the patients who were given the extract showed that both appetite and waist circumference were reduced.

Caralluma as Anti-inflammatory Agent Other species of Caralluma found in different areas have been used as an anti-inflammatory , taken both orally and used topically on the skin. A study on this was done on rats who showed significant anti-inflammatory properties. In these areas, it’s also been used as an aide for diabetes, as studies have shown that it has glucose lowering abilities. Other studies have shown that it can also reduce plaque formations in the arteries of the heart.

Is Caralluma Safe? Since Caralluma has been consumed for so many years in so many different forms, it is strongly felt that there are little to no adverse reactions from eating this food or utilizing its many health benefits. It has started to become more popular as people are looking into alternative healthy and natural methods of becoming more healthy and maintaining their health. It has become available as a supplement in powder and capsule form. It is deemed as safe, non-toxic, and is caffeine free.

More people have become concerned with not only their health, but what types of medications they’re being given and taking for different health related problems. Many prescription drugs have adverse side effects and reactions, so people, researchers, and even doctors are looking into more natural and healthful ways to aide the human body’s natural healing properties. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you should discontinue any current regimens that your doctor has prescribed to you, so it is extremely important that you do your own research and consult with your physician as to what benefits that this wonderful food can give you. It’s always wise to follow your doctor’s orders and continue to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine.

So, as you can see, Caralluma is indeed a wonder food for your health. When our bodies are healthy, our minds follow suit. It then enables us to have a sense of well-being, especially knowing that we’re giving ourselves something natural from the earth to assist us in better living.

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