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Car Talk

Posted Dec 03 2012 12:59pm

My ‘hood’ has had a few car break-ins over the last couple months. I decided to prepare myself should this happen to me. Once you have a break-in you are no longer a are simply a “hood.” This is my car bag.

20121203-091821 Inside the bag is: My licence, registration, insurance, GPS, wallet, and KEYS. Most important part of this car bag is the keys. This way I cannot drive off without all these driving essentials. Plus this gave me a perfect excuse to use the bag I got from this race.  I bring the bag inside after I come home and hang it on my door to grab as I go.

Now if anyone decides they want to mess with my car, the best they are getting are some spare tampons and a name tag from Trader Joe’s. Suckerrss!! Speaking of cars..check out my G-ride. This one’s for you dad..

20121203-091100.jpg What’s wrong with this picture. OHH, there’s a missing hubcap! I might have shed a small tear once I saw this for the first time. I suspect this was stolen when the theives were made they couldn’t get through my G-force protection layer on my car. Or maybe it flew off while I was speeding driving the speed limit on the freeway. Either way I am too cheap to go buy new ones, so for now I will be the classy driver with a missing hubcap.

I made  this recipe yesterday and it was a bomb. For those of you that are too lazy to click the link, it was pumpkin banana bread. I don’t know where I went wrong, but it was more like pumpkin banana mush. It tastes ok, but it’s definitely not “bread.”

I found a half marathon I want to run in February. That’s pretty self explanatory.

On that note I will leave you all with my biggest Christmas wish.

66217056992967248_FhB0AYld_c Q: Do you take any precautions to ensure you don’t get your car stuff stolen? YOU SHOULD!! 


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