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Canker Sore – Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Posted Apr 01 2011 7:58am

Canker sore is a shallow in shape, sore resembling craters (ulcers) on the tongue or inner portion of the lips or cheeks. It could have a reddish outline with a yellowish or whitish core and be agonizing enough to make talking or eating difficult.

A person could have a single or more numbers of canker sore at an instant. It is of duo forms namely simple and complex. Simple canker sore might surface thrice or 4 times yearly & lasting for around a week’s time. These classically develop among individuals in the age group of ten to twenty years old. Complex canker sore is lesser prevalent & occurring rather frequently among individuals who earlier experienced them.

Disparate to cold sore, a canker sore is non-communicable and any person could get it, though females, teens & younger adults commonly do get it. Generally, individuals develop their foremost canker sore in the age group of ten & forty. A number of individuals develop it at some instant in his/her lifetime whereas others get them on a regular basis.

Canker sore causes

The reason for canker sore arising is not known, however it has a tendency of running in kin. Canker sores could even arise in the following conditions:

    When one is weary or under stress . Women having their menstrual cycles. Hurting the mouth like when one bites the lips. Those with braces on tooth. People with food allergy. Eating or drinking foods or juices with high acidic content. Deficiencies of mineral-vitamin types in dietetic intake.
Canker sore symptoms

One could be having canker sore in case one has:

    Agonizing sore/within the mouth – rear part of the mouth roof, tongue or inner part of the cheek. Tingling, stinging feeling before the sore surfacing. Sore formations in the mouth which are rounded, whitish, greyish in appearance having a reddish bordering.
During acute canker sore episodes, one might even develop:
    High body temperature. Feeling physically sluggish. Swelling in lymph nodes.
Canker sore treatment

It isn’t necessary to visit a physician in majority of the canker sore cases as they show improvement without any medical intervention. A number of self-help remedies could allay pains due to canker sore.

    Eating soft-consistency, plain food types which are easier in swallowing like curds or light/creamy soups. Cutting food in mini parts, mashing or pureeing them. Avoiding caffeine, chocolates, heavily spiced or salted food items, citrus fruit varieties or juice, nut, seed forms & tomato. Drinking chilled beverages or eating popsicle. At times fluid on coming in contact with the canker sore could lead to discomforting sensations hence using straws for avoiding contact with the sore. Place ice-pack over the sore till numbness is felt. Rinsing mouth with salty water prepared by dissolving a teaspoonful of sodium into cupful of tepid water. Procuring OTC medicines like Anbesol, Orabase, milk-of-magnesia for applying over the sore with cotton swabs intended for use thrice or 4 times daily. Taking pain-allaying medicines like NSAID – ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen sodium. Though aspirin is not advisable for any person under twenty years of age due to the high possibility of developing Reye syndrome.

When despite such measures the canker sore hasn’t healed then it is imperative to visit a physician or dental specialist who would advice medications for allaying pains due to canker sore. Oral swishing or gargling or paint forms of medicines are mostly advised by doctors. Even prescription medicines like steroid creams – fluocinonide or pastes like amlexanox intended for rubbing over the sore &/or prescription-only oral washes could be suggested for usage.

Discussing with the physician in case one has fever, problems when trying to swallow or recurring canker sores since one might have other condition which is the reason for the person being symptomatic.

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